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John 13:34

Saturday, April 18, 2020

New update CDF Direct Debit Form 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please find the new form of CDF Direct Debit Form 2020 and the letter sent to me from the CDF Wollongong.


Best Regards,


Fr John Ho



Dear Fathers,

Please find attached an updated form for parishioners to use for regular planned giving to your parish.

We have had the form redesigned so that it is easier to complete and includes options for giving to the priest and clergy (first collection) and parish community (second collection).

The option of savings account direct debits to occur on the 10th day of the month and credit card direct debits to occur on the 21st day of the month has been left in place for ease of receipting by your parish secretary. Of course if a parishioner wants to give on any other day or frequency that suits their budget, we would always accept that alternative date or payment frequency to ensure the donation is received.


The forms do need to be printed both front and back, as the giver must sign that they have read and understood the service agreement – CDF are happy to print forms for you to have on hand, simply tell us how many you would like and we will print and post to your office. Could you ensure all old copies of previous forms are removed from display and replaced with this new version.


Finally, a reminder that if a donor uses their Visa Card or MasterCard for planned giving, the card number has to be removed from the form after entering into the BPoint card payment system; simply use a black permanent marker to cover the card number or cut the number out of the form leaving signatures etc in place.

For those parishes that do not have the BPoint credit card payment system we can set this up easily and there are small bank transactions fees for the base version; the web version to allow a Donation or Payment button on your parish website can be arranged with a monthly bank fee of $29.50 and then small transactions fees in addition.


Please contact me or any of the staff of the CDF if we can be of any assistance.





Manager – Business Development



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