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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Royal Commission final hearing, Frankly Speaking and more

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March 2017
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National redress for survivors a priority

In Commissioner McClellan's opening statement at the start of the this month's final Royal Commission case study he implored governments and the community to get behind a national redress scheme for child sexual abuse survivors.

"After this year the community's resources, both government and institutional, should be focused on providing effective redress and implementing regulatory and other changes designed to ensure that so far as possible no child is abused in an institutional context in the future.

"Survivors have waited too long for an effective response to their suffering and the future protection of Australian children must be given the highest priority," he told the Commission.

Survivors have waited too long
Sydney Morning Herald - 27 March 2017

Issues of redress must be a priority: Commissioner
ABC - 27 March 2017

Small churches can't pay abuse redress
AAP - 24 March 2017

TJHC Media Release
27 March 2017


Frankly speaking...

It has been a busy week – the start of the Royal Commission's final public hearing and a long flight back from Rome where I spoke at a child protection conference and at Plenary sessions of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

Sadly, at this stage it is hard to have confidence that bishops and other leaders are universally on board with all aspects of the abuse scandal within the Church.

Meanwhile, the Royal Commission is well into its 57th and final hearing, after almost four years of public hearings. There is plenty of work to do yet, but this marks the end of the public hearings and the push for policy reform.

Latest from the Council

Vatican conference examines Safeguarding children in homes and schools

Over the past week the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors has held a global seminar at the Pontifical Gregorian University on safeguarding children.

Vatican to host seminar on safeguarding children at home, schools
Vatican Radio - 13 March 2017

Vatican abuse prevention event 'extremely important' for Church
Catholic News Agency - 23 March 2017

Cardinal O'Malley: Evangelization will have 'no effect' if the church doesn't protect children
America Magazine - 23 March 2017

Cardinal O'Malley defends Pope Francis on anti-abuse fight
Crux -23 March 2017


Royal Commission's final public hearing

The Royal Commission's public hearing into the nature, cause and impact of child sexual abuse across all institutions started in Sydney this week. This is likely to be the Commission's final public hearing.

In a statement during the opening Commissioner McClellan said survivors have been waiting too long for an effective response to their suffering.

"The future protection of Australian children must now be given the highest priority," he said.

Children have been allegedly sexually abused in more than 4000 institutions.  "It is remarkable that failures have occurred in so many institutions."

See Royal Commission Case Study 57 home page

Commissioner McClellan opening remarks

Child abusers mainly clergy
The Australian - 27 March 2017

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