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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Information sharing submission, new book on priests, Frankly speaking and more

Welcome to the Truth, Justice and Healing Council eNewsletter

April 2017
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Strengthening Information Sharing Arrangements

Reforms to put in place nationally consistent arrangements for information sharing concerned with the safety and wellbeing of children within and across sectors and jurisdictions in Australia are of fundamental importance.

In a major submission to the Royal Commission's discussion paper on information sharing the Catholic Church's Truth Justice and Healing Council says consistent and cross jurisdictional sharing of information relating to teachers, carers, police records is vital for the protection of children.

TJHC submission to Royal Commission discussion paper: Strengthening Information Sharing Arrangements
April 2017

TJHC media release

Frankly speaking...

In the Church's latest submission to the Royal Commission we have called for nationally consistent arrangements to be developed for information sharing across all sectors that deal with children and across all jurisdictions.

Latest from the Council

Hurting in the Church: a new book

In his new book 'Hurting in the Church: A Way Forward for Wounded Catholics,' Father Thomas Berg says he wants priests to listen to the experiences of hurting Catholics.

He says the book is an invitation to a kind of Church-wide self-examination: Where have we failed in charity? Why is our day-to-day, interpersonal living of that Christ-like gift of self, agape-love, so languid at times, so passive, so anemic?

Hurting in the Church: An honest look at human realities
CRUX April 24, 2017



Are teachers now too scared to really get to know their students?

Too often in response to a perceived problem the resultant solution goes too far. Many teachers today are now afraid to relate to their students other than teaching disembodied brains. Ultimately the educational enterprise has become impersonal and less efficacious.

Are teachers now too scared to really get to know their students?
Education HQ Australia Greg Cudmore April 20, 2017


Marching to a loud future: week-long commemoration in Ballarat

When Maureen Hatcher tied the first ribbon on a fence in Ballarat two years ago to remember victims of clerical child sexual abuse she never envisioned that thousands of ribbons would flutter on church and school fences across Ballarat and the world.

A week long event from May 16 will celebrate the first ribbions and replicate the community march which also took place at the start of the Ballarat public hearing.

The week will also focus on education with the library hosting a white wreath workshop to remember those who have died by suicide and an education expert running sessions on safety, consent and gender equality aimed at the parents and educators.

Marching to a loud future
Ballarat Courier - April 21, 2017

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FAITH CIRCLES 4th Sunday Easter - Ascension Sunday Yr A | Free weekly small group resource

Faith Circles

FAITH CIRCLES 4th Sunday Easter to Ascension Sunday(Year A)
Available for Download Now!

We are pleased to provide you with your monthly batch of Faith Circles spanning the 4th Sunday of Easter to Ascension Sunday.

We are blessed this month with the wisdom of Trish McCarthy (Faith Education Officer, CCD Wollongong) who has provided the Gospel Reflections. Trish holds a Masters in Theology, Bachelor of Exercise Science and Graduate Diploma of Education and is a regular presenter on Journey Catholic Radio and popular contributor to our annual Advent Programs.

If you enjoy Trish's Gospel Reflections and want to hear more, head-on over to her website ( and purchase her new Double-CD, "Milk and Honey", containing 50 audio reflections as heard on Journey Catholic Radio.

As usual, we also are blessed in Faith Circles with the wonderful words of Pope Francis as well as insightful reflection questions written by our own Darren McDowell.

If you know someone who would like to receive Faith Circles, ask that they sign up at

Download here:

4th Sunday of Easter (Yr A) - Good Shepherds
5th Sunday of Easter (Yr A) - Jesus, the Way to the Father
6th Sunday of Easter (Yr A) - Promise of the Holy Spirit
Ascension Sunday (Yr A) - Go Make Disciples


We usually attend church in rows, often with limited interaction with our sisters and brothers in Christ. As the name suggests, Faith Circles aims to turn these rows into circles, bringing about:

  • A sense of belonging and sharing of life through the lens of faith
  • A growing knowledge of faith
  • Group and personal prayerfulness and encounter with the risen Lord
  • Growing confidence to share faith with others
  • A place to invite people who are not attending church but who want to grow in faith.


We've all heard the saying three's a crowd. When Catholics come together in faith there is always an additional presence, as the Lord is true to his promise that, "For where two or three meet in my name, I shall be there with them." (Matthew 18:20) For this reason we are encouraging people to form Faith Circles in their church community.


Faith Circles are easy to start. Just get two or more people keen to share faith and life and pick a time and a place to regularly meet. Sign up for our emails and we will send it to you, for free! You can then print the handout or maybe just read it straight off a smart-phone or tablet!

We are meant to be a growing Church! Faith Circles isn't meant to be a closed club! Yes, it is a great resource to nurture those who come to Mass, but more importantly, Faith Circles provides a forum to draw back people disconnected from Church because of the welcome and care of a small group and an encounter with Jesus through prayer.

In other words, if your group isn't growing over time, you are doing it wrong! When groups get to 6-8 people it is time to start talking about splitting, and figure out as a group, who you are going to invite to join you next?

You might start Faith Circles with members of your Lenten or Advent group. You might kick it off with three or four people you have coffee with. You may have some friends who love a morning walk, or a group of teachers who want to come together for prayer, well Faith Circles can be the catalyst for sharing life and faith together, and a deepening walk with Jesus. It doesn't matter if you go for five minutes or an hour, the Holy Spirit turns up when we come together!


We have published a great resource giving tips on how to start and run a Faith Circles small group in your community setting. Click here to download the resource.

Catholic Diocese of Wollongong

Catholic Diocese of Wollongong · PO Box 1239 · Wollongong, Nsw 2500 · Australia

Your Weekly Journey Catholic Radio Podcast | Episode 195

Journey Catholic Radio Podcast
This week on The Journey (Ep195)

This week on The Journey, we continue to celebrate the Easter season and bring you some fantastic content! We have Fr Richard Healey (Unanderra, NSW) share with us on the Gospel of the 'Road to Emmaus', Sr Hilda Scott OSB with a gem from her Wisdom From The Abbey segment, Bruce Downes The Catholic Guy, and much more! Of course, we've got some of the best Christian music to help us along the Journey! Faith, hope, love, and life!

Visit or where you can listen anytime and subscribe to weekly shows by email. Got friends or family who you'd like to hear this show ever week? All you've got to do is send them this email and they can subscribe by clicking here.

The Journey is a weekly program developed by the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong and is the only Catholic radio program in Australia aired on general Christian radio.

Listen to the presenter inputs this week below:

LUKE 24: 13-35 - Gospel Reflection with Fr Richard Healey
I LOVE YOU - Wisdom From The Abbey with Sr Hilda Scott OSB
LIVING YOUR LIST - The Catholic Guy with Bruce Downes
RESURRECTION OF THE LIVING - The Call with Fr Dave Callaghan MGL
THE POWER OF RITUAL - Smart Loving with the Pirolas

Or listen to the full shows (click the below graphic):

You can also listen to all our past shows at

You can also subsribe to the Journey Catholic Radio Podcast on iTunes and have it automatically downloaded onto your iOS Podcast app or your iTunes Store. Click the following link to subscribe via iTunes:

We love to hear feedback and comments on the show too, so drop us an email at or call (02) 4222 2407.

Yours in Christ

Jude Hennessy
Program Director

As heard on:





Catholic Diocese of Wollongong · PO Box 1239 · Wollongong, Nsw 2500 · Australia