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Saturday, March 18, 2017

New Commission research, TJHC final submission, Frankly Speaking, Catalyst for Renewal speech

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March 2017
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Where to from here - Catalyst for renewal speech

In a major speech to more than 230 interested Catholics at a Catalyst for Renewal event in Sydney last Friday night Francis Sullivan called on Catholics around Australia to continue the push for reform in the Church.

The speech came in the wake of the final Royal Commission hearing into the Catholic Church and the release of data which showed some 1,880 priests, religious brothers and sisters, and lay people had been identified as alleged perpetrators in abuse claims made to the Church by 4,445 victims.

Where to from here
Speech - Friday 10 March 2017, Hunders Hill Sydney

Catholic Church in Australia needs to continue to push for reform
TJHC media release - 13 March 2017

Catholics urged to push church for change as Pope refuses to defrock paedophile priest
ABC World Today - 13 March 2017

Vatican bureaucrats undermine abuse reform
AAP - 11 March 2017


Frankly speaking...

This week I was asked in a TV interview how is it that I can speak out in the media about the problems and changes that need to be made in the Catholic Church to address so many of the issues around the child sexual abuse scandal yet don't seem to be saying the same things to the Church leadership.

Virginia Trioli asked me on Monday why is it that I go on her program and talk about the 'great problems of the Catholic Church'. 'Can't you tell the Catholic Church directly yourself, they are your employer?' she asked.

Latest from the Council

TJHC submission to RC's final Catholic Church hearing

In a wide ranging submission from the TJHC to the Royal Commission, issues such as compulsory celibacy and clericalism are identified as having contributed to child sexual abuse over more than five decades in the Catholic Church.

The Church's Truth Justice and Healing Council submission in response to the Commission's Issue Paer No 11 deals with issues including current Church child protection policies, safety standards, and responses to allegations of child sexual abuse.

TJHC submission in response to Issues Paper 11: Then and Now - Catholic Church Authorities
29 December 2016

Royal Commission Issues Paper 11, Catholic Church Final Hearing
Released 5 May 2016

TJHC submission to Royal Commission examines causes of child sexual abuse in Catholic Church
TJHC media release - 17 March 2017

Royal Commission research symposium

The  Royal Commission will host an open research symposium on Monday 1 May to share findings from three research reports related to creating child safe institutions.

Commissioner Justice Coate will introduce the three hour event starting at 9am in the Victoria Room, ibis Melbourne, 15-21 Therry Street, Melbourne.

For more inforamtion click here


Commission releases two new research papers

The Royal Commission has released two new research reports. The first examines recruitment and training for carers working in out of home care while the second looks at coordination in child sexual abuse prevention.

Click here to read A national comparison of carer screening, assessment, selection and training and support in foster care, kinship and residential care

Click here to read Help-seeking needs and gaps for preventing child sexual abuse

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