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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pope's abuse zero tolerance, possible police apology, Frankly Speaking and more

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January 2017
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Pope's New Year message to Bishops: abuse zero tolerance

In a letter sent to bishops around the world for the feast of the Holy Innocents, Pope Francis lamented the many children who suffer from war, slavery and various forms of abuse, including within the Church.

The Church not only hears the "cries of pain" of her children who suffer from war, slavery and malnutrition, he said, but she also weeps "because she recognizes the sins of some of her members: the sufferings, the experiences and the pain of minors who were abused sexually by priests."

Feast of the Innocents letter to Bishops from Pope
2 January 2017

Pope Francis's 'tears' on child sex abuse a balm for Catholic Church
The Australian - 6 January 2016

Pope Francis tells bishops to maintain 'zero tolerance' for child sexual abuse by clergy
ABC Online - 3 January 2017

Pope kicks off new year renewing 'zero tolerance' policy on abuse
Catholic News Agency - 2 January 2017


Frankly speaking...

The upcoming final hearing of the Catholic Church at the Royal Commission begins on 6 February and is expected to run for three weeks.
Unlike the case studies this hearing will be less forensic in nature and more of an exploration of the causes and contributing factors for the institutional responses from Church Authorities to child sex abuse cases.
As I have previously mentioned this is an important hearing and is vital to the overall assessment the Commission will make of the Church's response to this scandal.

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Fighting sex abuse in the Church goes global

Jesuit Father Hans Zollner, president of the Center for Child Protection at the Gregorian University, believes that the church's typical top-down approach in handling sex-abuse allegations may not be enough.

He proposes a global alliance comprised by individual priests, religious and laity along with Catholic universities, religious orders and bishops' conferences.

Fighting sex abuse in the Church goes global, from the ground up
Catholic News Service - 30 December 2016


Police chiefs planning to apologise to child-sex victims

The nation's police commissioners are set to make a historic apol­ogy to the victims of child-sex abuse in institutional care who were not believed when they reported these crimes or, worse, were returned to their abusers.

Police chiefs planning to apologise to child-sex victims
The Australian - 17 January 2017


SA residential care workers to undergo psych testing

All South Australian Government residential care workers will undergo psychological testing before being given the all-clear to work with vulnerable children.

The testing was one of a number of recommendations made by two-year Child Protection Systems Royal Commission into abuse of vulnerable children in state care by former Families SA carer and paedophile Shannon McCoole.

Child Protection Systems Royal Commission: SA residential care workers to undergo psych testing
ABC online - 11 January 2017


O'Malley appointed to Vatican office that reviews abuse cases

Boston Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley was appointed last week by the Pope to a powerful Vatican office that reviews sex abuse cases.

O'Malley, who sits on the council of cardinal advisers who help Pope Francis in the reform of the Roman Curia, also leads the Commission for the Protection of Minors.

His appointment to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is being seen as a sign of resolve in the fight against clerical sexual abuse.

Pope Francis appoints O'Malley in renewed push to make bishop accountable for clerical sexual abuse failings
TJHC media release - 16 January 2017

In sign of resolve, Pope taps O'Malley for Vatican office handling abuse cases
Crux - 14 January 2017

O'Malley is named to Vatican office that reviews abuse cases
Boston Globe - 15 January 2017

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