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John 13:34

love one another as I have loved you

John 13:34

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Speaker Feature: Geanina Adina

  • Speaker Feature:
    Geanina Adina

 Geanina Adina is a skilled organiser who juggles life, family, work and church. She is known for her love of others and her infectious laughter.

 Geanina is passionate about helping you discover your God-given potential so that you can make a difference in your world. She is dedicated to God, her family and friends and loves encouraging others to fulfill their potential in Christ.

 With her many years experience in ministry, Geanina brings passion and energy that will both challenge and inspire you.

Remember if you can't make it to the whole event you can register for the nights or Saturday so don't miss out!

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