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John 13:34

Friday, June 3, 2016

What's on in June? | Catholic Faith & Life Events Guide

Catholic Faith and Life Events Guide

What's on in June?

June sees us begin again the liturgical season of Ordinary Time.  However, there is nothing "ordinary" about it at all.  It is the time when we continue to live, learn, grow and strengthen ourselves and others in our life of faith and discipleship as renewed within us during the season of Easter.

Along with the events listed in this calendar I would like to draw to your attention our free weekly small group resource Faith Circles. These short reflective pieces offer participants the opportunity to reflect with Pope Francis on the mystery and meaning of mercy in our lives.  Why not get together as a family or group of parishioners and use these as the basis of a weekly or fortnightly small group reflection. Go to to learn more and to signup for the Faith Circles email.

Liturgy Notes








The June 2016 Liturgy Notes is now available at with: 

  • Music suggestions for June and July
  • Children's liturgy suggestions for June and July
  • The latest information on the Year of Mercy
  • The latest updates to the Liturgy Handbook

For further information contact Paul Mason 4222 2462 or

Living the Gospel with Joy with Pope Francis

7pm - 9pm
Parish Meeting Room
St Columbkille's Parish
(99 Princes Highway Corrimal)

Our world is crying out for the joy which the gospel brings to each one of us?  Does this ring true for you?  During this time of discussion and input we will explore some of the themes found in Pope Francis' Joy of the Gospel and how they are relevant for our lives, both individually and as parish communities. How can we live a more engaging and joy filled faith in the world? Facilitated by our Diocesan Adult Faith Formation Coordinator Darren McDowell at or 4222 2463.

Merciful Care – Supporting those who are Ageing




9:30am - 3pm
Xavier Conference Centre
(38 Harbour St Wollongong)

9:30am - 3pm
Parish Meeting Room
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish
(193 St Andrews Rd Varroville)

This Jubilee Year of Mercy invites us to explore Mercy in the context of supporting those who are ageing.  The Corporal Works of Mercy take on a renewed importance in this Jubilee Year of Mercy and with this in mind we will explore the Corporal Works of Mercy with a focus on ageing. Topics covered include:

  • The Ageing Process
  • Loss and Grief
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • How We Can Offer Support
These workshops will be presented by our Diocesan Aged Care Advocates Carmen Karauda and Rebecca Miller. Registration is essential by Friday 3 June to Darren McDowell at or 4222 2463.

Sharing Faith: Simple Steps





7:30pm - 9:30pm
Parish Meeting Room
St John the Evangelist Parish
(26 Jerramatta St Dapto)

7:30pm - 9:30pm
Xavier Conference Centre
(38 Harbour St Wollongong)

7:30pm - 9:30pm
Parish Hall
St John the Evangelist Parish
(36 Cordeaux St Campbelltown)

How do you share your faith with others? Would you like to grow more confident to share your faith in simple, non-threatening ways? This day of reflection is introductory and enables participants to realise and develop the truly simple and easy ways to share faith with family, friends and colleagues. These workshops will be led by our CCD Regional Coordinators Peter Gilmore & Patricia McCarthy. Registration is essential to Darren McDowell at or 4222 2463. 

Faith Formation: Acts of the Apostles – Inspiration for Today



1pm – 3pm
Parish Meeting Room
St Columbkille's Parish
(99 Princes Highway Corrimal)

St Luke's Acts of the Apostles has often been called the gospel of the Holy Spirit. In it Luke describes how the Holy Spirit led and empowered the early Church through all the trials, persecutions, joys and hopes for the future. In this workshop, facilitated by Darren McDowell, our Diocesan Adult Faith Formation Coordinator, we'll explore how this book has great relevance for us as church today. Registration essential to or 4222 2403.

Liturgical Ministry Training – Children's Liturgy of the Word Leaders



10am - 1pm
Xavier Conference Centre
(38 Harbour St Wollongong)

We uncover the meaning and rationale of celebrating a separate children's Liturgy of the Word. We explore its ritual structure and its nature as both proclamation and celebration. We consider the participants and ministers involved, some practical issues and suggested resources. RSVP to Lisa Metcalfe or Helen Bennett on 4222 2403, or Paul Mason 4222 2462

Faith Formation: People of Forgiveness, Healing and Hope in My Life



7pm – 9pm
School Hall
St Thomas Aquinas Parish
(24 Bundaroo St Bowral)

Who are today's ministers of mercy?  Led by Fr Stephen Varney, this evening session will help us to reflect upon who and how many people provide forgiveness, healing and hope in our lives. RSVP to Lisa Metcalfe or Helen Bennett on 4222 2403, or Paul Mason 4222 2462

Catholic Diocese of Wollongong · PO Box 1239 · Wollongong, Nsw 2500 · Australia


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