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John 13:34

Thursday, May 12, 2016

FAITH CIRCLES WEEKS 5-8 | Free weekly small group resource

Faith Circles

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A massive thank you for the wonderful response we have received in relation to the first four weeks of our Faith Circles resource. We never imagined this simple initiative would take off so quickly. Over 220 groups have already signed up and the feedback has been amazing! We have been busily preparing weeks 5-8 which you can download below.

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The idea of Faith Circles has been growing for some time, largely due to the positive feedback we receive for our Lenten and Advent programs. Many people desire to keep their group going throughout the year, noting the benefits of journeying in faith with people they have come to know, love and trust. Even better, the inputs are from none other than Pope Francis!

All the evidence shows that living and growing in our faith is best done as part of a small group. It is for this reason that we are introducing Faith Circles - a free weekly small group resource based on Pope Francis' Weekly Catechesis.


We usually attend church in rows, often with limited interaction with our sisters and brothers in Christ. As the name suggests, Faith Circles aims to turn these rows into circles, bringing about:

  • A sense of belonging and sharing of life through the lens of faith
  • A growing knowledge of faith
  • Group and personal prayerfulness and encounter with the risen Lord
  • Growing confidence to share faith with others
  • A place to invite people who are not attending church but who want to grow in faith.


We've all heard the saying three's a crowd. When Catholics come together in faith there is always an additional presence, as the Lord is true to his promise that, "For where two or three meet in my name, I shall be there with them." (Matthew 18:20) For this reason we are encouraging people to form Faith Circles in their church community.


Faith Circles are easy to start. Just get two or more people keen to share faith and life and pick a time and a place to regularly meet. Sign up for our emails and we will send it to you, for free! You can then print the handout or maybe just read it straight off a smart-phone or tablet!

We are meant to be a growing Church! Faith Circles isn't meant to be a closed club! Yes, it is a great resource to nurture those who come to Mass, but more importantly, Faith Circles provides a forum to draw back people disconnected from Church because of the welcome and care of a small group and an encounter with Jesus through prayer.

In other words, if your group isn't growing over time, you are doing it wrong! When groups get to 6-8 people it is time to start talking about splitting, and figure out as a group, who you are going to invite to join you next?

You might start Faith Circles with members of your Lenten or Advent group. You might kick it off with three or four people you have coffee with. You may have some friends who love a morning walk, or a group of teachers who want to come together for prayer, well Faith Circles can be the catalyst for sharing life and faith together, and a deepening walk with Jesus. It doesn't matter if you go for five minutes or an hour, the Holy Spirit turns up when we come together!


Faith Circles is a double-sided A4 sheet, based on Pope Francis' Weekly Catechesis, with reflection questions and prayer points. It will be available to download via email subscription or on our website at Click the website link to subscribe to the Faith Circles email list. It takes less than 30 seconds!

Faith Circles is free, no strings attached, we just want Catholics to be nurtured by doing life and faith in groups, not on your own! You can print as many copies as you like. Here's the first four weeks of Faith Circles all ready for you to download and start today:

Introduction to Faith Circles
WEEK 5 - God hears our cry and makes a covenant
WEEK 6 - Mercy and justice
WEEK 7 - The Jubilee in the Bible: Justice and sharing
WEEK 8 - Mercy and power

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