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John 13:34

Friday, May 27, 2016

Frankly speaking, Christian Brothers report revisited claims, more

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May 2016
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Frankly speaking...

As I said last week it is clear that the Royal Commission has shifted its attention to the second phase of its brief. So far its public hearings have rightly highlighted the failures of institutions. Without wanting to minimise the past failures of the Church I do think it is now an appropriate time to draw attention to the significant work that has gone into prevention, education and victim focused pastoral care within the Catholic Church.

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Christian Brothers report revisited claims

Following  the  public  hearing  of  Case  Study 11 into the Tardun,  Bindoon,  Clontarf  and  Castledare facilities,  the  Christian  Brothers  undertook  to  re-examine  cases  of  former  students  that  had  been "settled on demonstrably unjust and unreasonably low terms".  To 24 May 2016 the order received 164 requests. Of these, 147 have been finalised and new settlements have been reached. This accounts for 91% of requests for resettlements since May 2014.

Christian Brothers statement
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Jury behaviour study raises possibilities of major reform

The Royal Commission's study into jury behaviour (the world's largest) has raised the possibility of major reform in the way sexual abuse cases are presented before the courts. The research, released this week found juries were not unfairly influenced by hearing evidence from multiple complainants against the same defendant.


RC Media Release

Royal Commission research projects

The Royal Commission has released two research reports. The first examines information-sharing frameworks. It found laws and common objectives across institutions can help ensure that children's safety is the primary consideration when sharing information. The second examines best practice in implementation. It demonstrates the importance of properly implementing policy change.

Research Papers
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