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Friday, April 8, 2016

BIshop Mulkearns dies, Frankly speaking and more

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April 2016
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Former Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns dies

Bishop Ronald Mulkearns, former Bishop of Ballarat during a time of extensive child sexual abuse in the diocese, has died.

Bishop Mulkearns had suffered a lengthy battle with cancer and passed away last week in a Ballarat nursing home. He was 86.

Current Ballarat Bishop Paul Bird said while he was a man who was dedicated in his service he also made tragic mistakes during his time as bishop.

Read Bishop Bird's statement



Frankly speaking...

The Royal Commission has indicated that it intends to hold a final hearing on the Catholic Church in early 2017.

Although child sexual abuse has occurred in many institutions apart from the Catholic Church, it falls to the Commission to examine whether there were and are any distinctive characteristics or features of the Church environment that caused children to be abused. At this stage of the Royal Commission's process it is tempting to adopt a defensive, reactionary stance.

But the damning results coming out of the Commission are rounded in the culture and systems of our Church. They expose a gross misuse of powers and structures. They cry out for reform.

Latest from the Council

Ribbons removed from St Patrick's College Loud Fence

RIBBONS tied to the front gates of St Patrick's College in Ballarat as part of the Loud Fence movement were slowly removed on Tuesday to become part of a permanent display in the city.

Ballarat clergy sex abuse survivor Phil Nagle was present for the process and said he was glad the school had engaged with survivors to ensure the removal was done in a respectful way.

A spokesperson said the school wanted to handle the matter with sensitivity and have a broader discussion with the community about the best placement for the ribbons.

Permanent display on cards for Loud Fence
The Courier - April 5, 2016


Child sexual abuse by children demands more clinics, NSW Health worker says

Children commit up to half of all child sexual abuse according to a senior NSW clinical advisor with more than 800 children reported in NSW each year for causing serious sexual harm to other children.
Dale Tolliday, a clinical advisor to the public rehabilitation service New Street, says if society learned the true rates of harm "we would be terrified".

The Royal Commission heard last year the majority of child sexual abuse in out-of-home care was likely committed by other children.

Child sexual abuse by children demands more clinics, NSW Health worker says
SMH - April 4, 2016

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