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John 13:34

love one another as I have loved you

John 13:34

Friday, December 4, 2015

Free Event: Christmas Unwrapped!

Starts @ 11:00am
Doors Open 10:30am
Campbelltown NSW
During the Christmas season, it's pretty easy to get wrapped up in... well, what's wrapped up, like all that stuff under the Christmas tree marked with your name.

Imagine, though, what could happen if families in our community got wrapped up in generosity instead. That's why we put together a Christmas Family Experience called Christmas Unwrapped. Organised around the telling of the Christmas story, Christmas Unwrapped will encourage and inspire families to get wrapped up in the idea of generosity and how God gave us His Son, Jesus.

So this year, why don't you start a new tradition and invite some friends and neighbours to join you for a fun and exciting way to celebrate Christmas with your family.

The Catholic Guy, P.O. Box 1564, Osborne Park, AU_WA 6916

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