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Friday, November 20, 2015

Melbourne hearing starts, Kings in Sydney under investigation, Frankly speaking and more

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November 2015
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Melbourne Royal Commission hearing starts next week

The Royal Commission's public hearing into the Archdiocese of Melbourne will start next Tuesday in Melbourne.

The hearing will be in two parts with the first two weeks expected to deal with child sexual abuse which took place in the Doveton's Holy Family Parish and Primary School in the 1970s.

It will also examine the way in which the then Archbishop, Frank Little, responded to claims of abuse by another six priests in the Archdiocese of Melbourne in the 70s and 80s.

The second part of the hearing, which is expected to commence in the week of December 7, is a continuation of the Ballarat hearing which started in May this year in Ballarat.

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Frankly speaking...

Next week the Royal Commission will start its 35th public hearing and the 12th into a Catholic institution: the Melbourne hearing.

Again it becomes incumbent on all Church witnesses appearing before the Commission to be fully cooperative and to speak the truth without defensiveness or anger.

Latest from the Council

US church giving: hit by clerical abuse scandal

New research undertaken in the US into the impact of the child sexual abuse crisis within the American Catholic Church has found a direct connection to the substantial decline in charitable giving.

The fall in donations, according to the research, is most felt by social service operations in the scandalised communities.

The findings are part of the academic paper, "Losing My Religion: The Effects of Religious Scandals on Religious Participation and Charitable Giving," published in the September issue of the Journal of Public Economics.

Researchers find drop in giving in areas hit by sex abuse scandal
National Catholic Reporter - 2 November 2015


Commission to investigate The King's School and Tudor House Preparatory School

The King's School in Parramatta is being investigated by the Royal Commission, which is asking for anyone with information about alleged molestation at the school to come forward.

While no public hearing  has been announced, Royal Commission CEO Philip Reed has asked anyone with information about sexual abuse of a child at The King's School or Tudor House Preparatory School to come forward.

Mr Reed said the identity of anyone who provides information will be protected and will be kept confidential.

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The media's exposure of child sexual abuse and why Catholics should be grateful

Christopher White, Associate Director of Catholic Voices USA, writes in the Washington Post this week about the historic importance of the media reporting on the child sexual abuse scandle and the impact on the reforms within the US church.

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