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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fighting CSA in schools, the Pope in the US, Frankly Speaking and the case for a national redress scheme

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September 2015
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Addressing the risk of child sexual abuse in primary and secondary schools

The TJHC has released its latest submission to the Royal Commission addressing the risk of child sexual abuse in primary and secondary schools.

Around a third of people who have spoken to the Royal Commission were sexually abused as children in a school with non-government schools accounting for a disproportionately high number of reports.

The submission looks at issues including governance and leadership, teacher training and regulatory frameworks to better protect children.

Read TJHC media release here

Read submission here

Frankly speaking...

This week we sent off to the Royal Commission our latest response to its policy development program which is focused on ensuring children are safe in schools.

One of the great tragedies revealed over the past three years during the Royal Commission's public hearing is the extent to which children have been sexual abused in schools – private and public.

In this submission we have recommended to the Commission a series of common-sense proposals that would make schools safer and make it simpler for school authorities to understand regulatory requirements across all states and territories.

Read full blog here

Report makes the case for a national redress scheme for sex abuse survivors

In an extensive article in the online academic and policy site, The Conversation, Kathleen Daly, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University makes a compelling argument for the introduction of a national redress scheme for survivors of child sexual abuse.

"The commission's 656-page report is a significant achievement. Although it is sure to invite debate and cause some disappointment, the approach was consultative and evidence-based," she says.

Read article here



Archbishop Hart welcomes release of Royal Commission reports

In a statement, the Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, has welcome the release last week of two reports by the Royal Commission: the final report on Redress and Civil Litigation and the Commission's report of Case Study No. 16 into the Melbourne Response.

Read statement here

Francis addresses sex abuse

In a prayer service with hundreds of American bishops at Washington's Cathedral of St Matthew on Wednesday Pope Francis, in a 42-minute address, gave a wide overview of how he sees the role of bishops as shepherds and pastors.

While Francis referred to the sexual abuse crisis in his address there has been some critism of the nature of his comments.

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Pope Francis: US bishops show 'courage' over Catholic church sex abuse crisis

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