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John 13:34

Monday, July 20, 2015

Parish, School Pastoral Support Evening

Parish, School Pastoral Support Evening
How the Diocesan Pastoral Plan assists your Community

Tuesday 28 July 2015, Campbelltown

7.30pm to 9.00pm

Why Come to the Evening?

Wanting to serve God in your community in the areas of Family, Healing and Outreach? Does your community have great ideas but is unsure where to start? Do you start out with lots of energy and then lose momentum? Are you looking for ideas, support and resources to help? Would you like to network with other local parishes and schools on common goals?

What will happen on the Evening?

Diocesan agencies will have a range of resources on display and a number of staff will be on hand to offer practical assistance to parishes, ethnic communities and schools.

The Diocesan Pastoral Plan will be shared, with a parish offering a step by step guide to how it puts the plan to use to help support its own pastoral work.


Registration, Tea and Coffee
Welcome & Prayer
William Walker
Introduction: How the Plan serves you
Bishop Peter Ingham
Explaining the Plan and the Support Available
Richard McMahon
Director of Parish Services
A local parish shows how it applies the Plan to support its own pastoral work
Presented by a local parish
Each parish works on one idea for their own community, either prepared beforehand or considered during the evening. *
Feedback and Questions
Final words and blessing
William Walker and Bishop Peter
Close and Cuppa

* Agency staff from CEO, CatholicCare and Bishop’s Office on hand to offer support.


How can we get the Most out of the Evening?

1.       Ensure that the majority of your parish pastoral council or community representatives attend.

2.       Familiarise yourself with the plan before the evening

3.       Mix with people from other communities to share ideas

4.       Pick up available resources

5.       Make connections with key contacts from diocesan agencies

6.       Come prepared with your own idea(s) from your community


Our Diocesan Pastoral Plan 2015 - 2017
Frequently Asked Questions


a.      Where can we get more copies of the plan?

The plan is available online at and hard copies are available upon request.


b.      What happens if we miss the Support Evening?

It is hoped representatives from each community can make a meeting, as many helps will be available and opportunities to connect with other communities. However, we are still happy to assist and can visit your own community to help you with the Plan.


c.       Can we still use the plan if we do not have a pastoral council?

A parish pastoral council is ideal for pastoral planning, but there are many other options. Please contact us for advice – either in starting your own council, or using the plan in other ways.


d.      We are too busy to use the plan. Can we get help with our existing parish needs?

The plan seeks to support your existing parish needs in terms of forward planning. If you require immediate assistance, please contact us. The diocese offers a range of supports.


e.       This Plan says it is 2015 to 2017. But we are halfway through the year! Isn't it a little late?

It follows on from our 2011 to 2015 Diocesan Pastoral Plan. The final year of the old plan corresponds with the first year of the new plan (ie Family)


e.       What happened to the old plan? What happened to Parishes Working Together?

Many actions from the old plan have been achieved and these achievements are listed in the new plan. Other actions are still unfolding, such as Parishes Working Together. 


f.        What if our parish does not wish to engage with the diocesan pastoral plan?

The plan does not seek to force us to do something. Rather, it offers us a useful way in achieving our goals, and a great variety of suggestions from our parishes and agencies. As long as we are planning in this Diocese, it makes sense to draw upon the supports offered in this resource.


g.      What if our parish wants to do something unconnected with plan?

The plan itself encourages a response to local needs, and leaves room to create your own approaches. However, you are encouraged to use the framework of the plan as a way to support you in achieving your goal.


h.      What about the work of the Pastoral Research Office and Building Stronger Parishes? (ie how can we use this research to assist our planning?)

There are many tools available to assist with pastoral planning. Our parishes will be encouraged to explore these other tools going forward, and more information will be available in early 2016.


i.        The Diocesan Pastoral Plan has so many ideas. How much are we expected to achieve?

Parishes are not expected to do everything. Good planning involves working within our means. If that means choosing just one action in a year to achieve, then that is a great start. Equally, build on what is already working, and fit existing initiatives into the framework of Plan.



Contact: Helen Bennett: | 4222 2403


Activity Sheet: For Parish & School Pastoral Support Evening

What is One Objective you wish to Plan for or Build Upon?

If you have time before the evening…

Identify a key objective with your community leader (eg parish priest, school principal). It may be a work you are already engaged in, or a new objective you are planning for. Please fill out this page with as much detail as you can (or use page 11 in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan). You can then get support on the night.

If you are not sure of an objective or have no time to prepare…

Please bring this page. You will have time with other members of your community to work through this sheet. If still unsure, skip tp part D and choose one of the three sample objectives. Then create some actions. There will be support available on the night.

A.      What is our area of need?


B.      What goal dies our need relate to in the diocesan plan?




C.      What are we already doing in this area?



D.      Where will we direct our energies?


Need help? The following objectives can help a community unsure of where to begin. They are all taken from the “Strengthening Community Life and Outreach” goal.

1.       Develop strategies for FAMILY inclusion into parish life, especially focusing on those who are not within regular community life

2.       Continue to grow existing YOUTH ministries, chaplaincies and movements, and develop new opportunities and resources to support engagement of young people

3.       Increase HOME VISITS to sick and elderly and those going through grief and loss


E.       What actions will we take?

Action Needed?
Who is responsible?
By When?
Resources required?
Measures of Success?


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