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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Liturgy Notes | June 2015

Liturgy Notes

June 2015

The June 2015 Liturgy Notes update includes news and features many updates to the Liturgy Handbook on our website.

Music Recommendations

The music suggestions page in the Liturgy Handbook has been updated with links to music recommendations for most Sundays of Year B 2015. Most are links to Year B 2012 recommendations three years ago, with a simple listing of songs. They will progressively be updated to the new format launched last year.


Here are quick links for June, July and August:

- Corpus Christi
- 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
- 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
Certificate Course in Pastoral Liturgy

Unit One of the Certificate course began in February with a cohort of eleven students. The next intake for Unit One "Building the Liturgical Assembly" is scheduled for February 2017. Other units are scheduled through 2015 and 2016. The Diocese is offering full and part scholarships to students depending on their circumstances.

We are pleased to announce that enrolments are now open for new students commencing with Unit Two, beginning the weekend of 11-12 July 2015. For details, please refer to the flyer and the enrolment form.

Liturgical Ministry Training 2015

The Diocesan Liturgical Commission has prepared a comprehensive schedule of liturgical ministry training for 2015. Please see the flyer for details and schedule of courses.

For further information, please contact Paul Mason (02) 4222 2462 or For bookings, please contact Helen Bennett on (02) 4222 2403 or

Training is offered in 2015 for the following liturgical ministries:


- Accompanist
- Acolyte
- Altar Server
- Cantor of the Psalm
- Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
- Lay Leader of Liturgy
- Ministry to the Sick and Dying
- Ministry of Bereavement Support
- Funeral Preparation
- Ministry of the Word with Children
- Music Administration and Copyright
- Music Coordinator
- Musician

2015 Liturgical Study Tour of Europe

Under the leadership of Dr Margaret Smith SGS and Dr Stephen Hackett MSC, the Yarra Theological Union is offering a month-long European Liturgical Study Tour, "Rites + People + Places". It promises to be a wonderfully enriching experience for pastoral musicians and liturgists. Further details are provided in their brochure.


We have updated the Forms section of the Liturgy Handbook and included a form for Blessings. With Adobe's retirement of its "FormsCentral" platform in June 2015, our Forms now run on the "FormSite" platform. This platform offers greater flexibility and automation of the processes involved in preparing Confirmation, Episcopal Masses, Blessings and other liturgies involving Bishop Peter Ingham.

We also intend introducing quick forms for parish internal use during July. The aim is to help facilitate music and liturgy preparation for regular parish Masses, baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Music - PSALMIST Cantor and Accompanist Scholarships for 2015

The Diocese is pleased to be offering tuition scholarships for cantors of the psalm and accompanists for parishes and schools throughout the Diocese. Details of the PSALMIST Scholarships Program are available here. For further details, please contact Paul Mason on (02) 4222 2462 or

New Ministry Authorisation Processes

A New Ministry Authorisation Process is being implemented in June, taking account of the requirements for Working With Children Checks and other processes for a number of liturgical ministrie. These include Acolytes, Adult Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Ministers to the Sick and Dying, and other ministries. Full details will be available later in June.

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Diocesan Liturgy Coordinator
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