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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TJHC redress submission

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March 2015
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Catholic Church calls for fair, just and compassionate national redress scheme for child sexual abuse survivors

Last week the TJHC has spoken to and provided the Royal Commission with its submission on redress for survivors of child sexual abuse and proposed law reforms into a number of major challanges facing people when they go to Court with a cliam of child sexual abuse.

Francis Sullivan said the issues of redress and law reform are amoung the most significant issues the church faces as it comes to terms with its history of child sexual abuse.

Read TJHC submission here
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Read Francis Sullivan statement to RC here
Watch Lateline interview here


Frankly speaking...

Last week I presented the Church's submission to the Royal Commission hearing into redress and reforms to civil litigation and also spoke to the media, including ABC TV's Lateline about our proposals.

I was also in Rockhampton ahead of the Commission's hearing into a local orphanage and significantly we wound up our consultation on proposals to introduce more effective safeguards for children in our institutions.

Read more here

Rockhampton meeting

Last week I was in Rockhampton ahead of the Royal Commission hearing which starts mid-April into the St Joseph's Orphanage, Neerkol.

It was valuable to meet with more than 120 local teachers, principals, priests and others to talk about how the hearing is likely to unfold and what the Catholic and broader community can expect to hear.

Both local Bishop Michael McCarthy and the head of the Mercy Sisters, Bernice Loch said that while the hearing will be extremely difficult for the survivors who will give evidence it is important that they have every opportunity to tell their stories, be listened to and be believed.


Royal Commission research program

Over the past two years the Royal Commission has published a range of research projects dealing with issues such as employment screening, a review of child sexual abuse legislation, mandatory reporting laws and others.

Read about the Commission's research program here
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