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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Newcastle meetings, Frankly Speaking blog and more

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February 2015
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TJHC at Maitland-Newcastle diocese

Francis Sullivan was in Newcastle on Wednesday speaking with more than 120 local residents, survivors and their advocates, church staff, priests and religious about the work of the Truth Justice and Healing Council.

At two community information sessions, hosted by Bishop Bill Wright, the Hunter community heard about the way in which the Church is approaching the Royal Commission, its reform proposals and the way in which it is working towards ensuring survivors receive justice and compassion.

Mr Sullivan said it is important people get to hear and understand what is being done throughout the Church to ensure as far as possible children are safe and the abuse of the past can never happen again.


Frankly speaking...

The tragedy of child sex abuse in Australia has featured prominently in the media over the past week.
Desperate stories of children sexually assaulted in detention centres comes only weeks after the Forgotten Children Report was released by the Human Rights Commission outlining the incidence of sexual abuse in detention centres.

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Archdiocese of Brisbane responds to Royal Commission findings

A suite of new initiatives and stronger child protection policies are part of the response by Brisbane Archbishop, Mark Coleridge, to the release of the Royal Commission's findings into the way the Archdiocese dealt with a survivor of child sexual abuse in 1999.

In a public statement  Archbishop Coleridge once again apologised to survivors of child sexual abuse and outlined how the Archdiocese has responded since appearing before the Royal Commission in December 2013, as part of the its examination of the Church's Towards Healing process.

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Pope's speaker urges bishop accountability

Pope Francis' speaker on clerical sex abuse, Cardinal Sean O'Malley,  said the failure of the Catholic Church to punish bishops who covered up for paedophiles had seriously harmed its credibility and that it must now lead the way by "humbly making the commitment to accountability, transparency and zero tolerance."

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Pre-employment screening research report released

The Commission has released a research report on effectiveness of pre-employment screening in preventing child sexual abuse.

Researchers found that criminal background checks are an important component of pre-employment screening and are most effective when used with other safeguards, such as thorough reference checks and verification of the applicant's identity, employment history and qualifications.

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