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John 13:34

love one another as I have loved you

John 13:34

Thursday, January 9, 2014


from Paul, Denis and Gabrielle
your Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Team (JPIC)
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The Point of the Process …. Bruce Sanguin  (Luke 2:7)
Now, O Holy One,
we enter sacred time,
time suspended,
When history surrenders to mystery, and we ourselves are taken in,
and taken up, by a love story.

For this, the universe bursts into being.
For this, the galaxies shine –
lights strung upon a Christmas cosmos.
For this, supernovas make a sacrifice
And our sun pours itself out
in the service of life.
For this, the march of life on Earth
makes its exuberant procession –
now present in lowing cattle,
in a single shining star,
in shepherds and angels,
and in proud parents –
to a Bethlehem stable.

And on this holy night,
no less,
does the cosmos coalesce in us
as we take our place
on the stage of sacred mystery
to celebrate the point of it all –
that you come to us
in self-emptying love
the moment we enter
the mystery of this Christmas birth.

What was the Christmas Star? Was it a comet, a novae, a supernovae or a grouping of planets?

Astronomer, Fr Christopher Corbally, from the Vatican Observatory in Arizona, explores several theories.
There is something about the Christmas Star that evokes passion in one. Presumably this passion was first felt by the Magi, and it sustained them through their long journey – and back home by a circuitous route. One's preferred theory does not prove that astrology works or that the birth of Jesus was accompanied by astronomical phenomena. It does, I trust, help one realize that God uses our science and reasoning to draw us to himself. As we try to evoke the experience of those who first found the Babe of Bethlehem, may we too find the One who is the Light of the Universe, who comes to 'shepherd my people' into all Truth.

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