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John 13:34

Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Parishes Working Together
EARLY BIRD Registrations Now Open
Hosted by the Diocese of Wollongong, Lift Up Your Hearts is Australia's National Liturgy Conference marking the 50th anniversary of Vatican II's Constitution on Sacred Liturgy.

To be held in Wollongong between 15-18 January 2014,the conference explores and celebrates Vatican II's vision for "full, conscious, active participation" (SC 14) living the mission in prayer and worship.

The conference provides many learning opportunities, uplifting experiences of liturgies and music, along with showcases, exhibits and all that Wollongong has to offer in Australia's summertime! 

The Australian Pastoral Musicians Network (APMN) is the Platinum sponsor for this event, which will also constitute the inaugural bi-annual convention for the APMN. The APMN is sponsoring two keynote speakers from the USA - Fr Michael Joncas, Associate Professor of Catholic Studies and Theology at St Timothy's University, Minnesota; and Dr J. Michael McMahon, President and CEO of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians in the US.

The Diocese of Wollongong is sponsoring the other two keynote speakers - Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Chair of the Bishops Commission for Liturgy, and Ms Louise Campbell, Director of New Zealand's National Liturgy Office.

The conference offers a range of speakers, liturgies, worksho ps, presentations, resource showcases, exhibitions and special interest group meetings. The content is aimed at everyone in our parish and school communities concerned with liturgy and music: clergy and lay, musicians and readers, teachers and catechists, acolytes and communion ministers, liturgy committees and sacristans, pastoral associates and youth ministers, liturgists and architects, RCIA and children's liturgy leaders.

Registration now open, with early bird discount of 15%.

Book online at

Take advantage of QANTAS Summer Sale discount airfares, on until 2nd August. Accommodation discounts available (see website for details).

Further information, please contact me via email at


Paul Mason
Coordinator of Liturgy
Diocese of Wollongong

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Message from Catholic Bishops on the Election

Faith and Life E-newsletter
Catholic Diocese of Wollongong
A Vote for the Common Good: Catholic Bishops release Federal Election Statement

My Brothers and Sisters

Catholics are being urged to engage in the political process in the lead up to the coming federal election and to vote for the common good.

This week Australia's Catholic bishops have written to the more than 1,300 parishes across Australia to ask them to consider the bishops' Vote for the Common Good election statement.  The statement is available today for parishes and the general public at

"As bishops we want to focus your attention on some key issues of vital concern to the Australian community," the statement says.

"We encourage Catholics to look beyond their own individual needs to apply a different test at the ballot box – the test of what we call the common good. The good of the individual and the good of society as a whole must be brought together in harmony. When they are, we have the common good."

Archbishop Philip Wilson, Vice President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference said today that aware of the turbulent political situation, the Bishops saw the importance of outlining some key areas which might inform consciences, while leaving it to voters to make their final decision.

"The principles of social teaching cross party political boundaries and Catholics may, in good conscience, form different opinions on the candidates and parties standing for election."

"As Catholics, we need to take our democratic freedoms seriously and become involved in the political process."

Focussing on principles of Catholic Social Teaching, the Bishops outline a range of issues including positions on the poor and vulnerable, marriage and family, life, child protection, migrants and refugees, indigenous Australians, education, health, ecology and sustainability and peace and development.

"The statement draws on our rich tradition of social teaching and upon the Church's long experience of serving all people without distinction through our work in a broad range of areas including health care, education and social services", he said.

The statement is available for download from as a PDF as well as in eBook format. A short video is available also on the website which can be used in parishes and schools where appropriate.


Yours in the Lord

Most Rev Peter W Ingham DD
Bishop of Wollongong