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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Faith & Life E-News | Sept 2012

Faith and Life E-newsletter
Catholic Diocese of Wollongong
March 2012
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Welcome & Inclusion
Rev Dr Anthony Gooley, Ministry Development Officer (Faith & Life Vicariate, Archdiocese of Brisbane)

It would be a remarkable and sad moment if a parish planned to exclude some people from the Eucharistic assembly on Sunday. We know from recent history that the sin of racism had once been supported by Christian Churches in Africa and the USA who insisted on and supported segregation Read more
Liturgy Notes
By Paul Mason (Diocesan Liturgy Coordinator)

Welcome to this month's edition of "Liturgy Notes", the liturgy and music section of the Faith & Life e-newsletter. The increasing use of audio-visual technologies to produce worship aids in liturgy has significant implications for parishes and schools with regard to copyright obligations. Read more
Welcoming Refugees & Asylum Seekers: Beyond Political Spin
By Paul Power (CEO, Refugee Council of Australia)

In the past month, the national political and public debate about asylum seekers and refugees has, yet again, reached fever pitch. Sadly, the battle between the major parties takes centre stage and much of the media coverage focuses not on the issues or on the lives at risk but on the implications for national politics. Read more
"Holy Fire" – Engaging our Young People
By Peter Gilmore, Faith Education Officer (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Diocese of Wollongong)

As we continue along at a blinding pace towards the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, we find ourselves in an utterly unique situation. Amidst the omnipresence of technology, the constant beat of one song or another and the instant search of Google (that's right – it even thinks it knows what you are searching for before you do), Read more
Ten Questions With...
Rebecca Miller
Diocesan Project Officer -
Welcome, Inclusion & Outreach
Helpful Hints
Becoming a Welcoming Community
By Darren McDowell (Diocesan Coordinator of Parish Services)

We know that hospitality is a key ingredient for every vibrant community. As a faith community we come together to share the story of Jesus, to partake in Eucharist and share the mission of Jesus, caring for each other and caring for the world around us. Read more
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