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John 13:34

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Faith & Life News | June 2012

Faith and Life E-newsletter
Catholic Diocese of Wollongong
March 2012
In this Issue
Upcoming Events
Amazing Year of Grace
By Bishop Peter Comensoli ( Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney)

From Pentecost 2012, the Bishops of Australia have invited all Catholics throughout the country to join with them in a 'Year of Grace'. This Year is an invitation for the entire Church community in Australia – bishops, priests, religious and lay faithful – to 'start afresh from Christ'. But if we are to embrace well this special time, it might be helpful to take a little time to reflect Read more
Liturgy Notes
By Paul Mason (Diocesan Liturgy Coordinator)

Welcome to the June edition of "Liturgy Notes", the liturgy and music section of the Faith & Life e-newsletter. This month sees the announcement of PSALMIST, a new music ministry development program for the Diocese. Also there are details of the upcoming liturgy training and music workshops, a review of one of the Ordinary Time seasonal psalms, as well as our regular section on recommended music selections for upcoming Sunday Masses. Read more
Ministry with the Social Networking Generation
By Fr Chris Ryan MGL (Priest with the Missionaries of God's Love)

For anyone engaged in ministry with young people today, there is no escaping the world of social networking.  It has its joys and pitfalls but there is no doubt it is here to stay, so love it or hate it we have to embrace it.  Fr Chris Ryan reflected on this in his recent blog entitled, "What Would Thomas Merton Have Thought of Facebook? On Being Unplugged in a Digital Age." Read more
A Year of Grace for Catechists and the Children that we Teach
By Jude Hennessy (Diocesan Director CCD)

One of the most rewarding features of my work as Director of CCD involves engaging with Catechists of our Diocese who are just so passionate about their work. Each training day or Parish meeting that I am able to attend allows me to hear unique personal stories from Catechists who love working with kids in State Schools and helping to make the Person of Jesus better known and loved. Read more
Supporting our Children -
Dr Michael Carr-Gregg in the Diocese
By Chiara Mammone (Communications and Fundraising Officer, CatholicCare Wollongong)

CatholicCare is bringing Dr Michael Carr-Gregg to the Wollongong Diocese on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 June. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg appearing by arrangement with Saxton Speakers Bureau (Sydney) will be presenting topics relevant to families and professionals in our community. Read more
Ten Questions With...
Fr Tony Daly PP
Parish Priest, St Thomas More Parish, Ruse
and Diocesan Chaplain to the Aboriginal Community
and the Diocesan Council of the St Vincent De Paul Society
Ministry Profile
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
By Paul Wyatt (Picton Parish RCIA Coordinator)

RCIA (The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is the sharing of our faith with people who are looking for a faith to follow. The church encourages this Rite as the way of bringing people into our community. It is a Rite that takes as long as it takes. Within the main Rite there are various liturgies to mark progress. The Rite is aimed at Baptism or Reception into the Church. Read more
Helpful Hints
Praying Gracefully with Children
By Jude Hennessy (Diocesan Director CCD)

Regularly remind students that our faith is a living relationship with God. Like all our relationships, this requires communication to remain healthy. Our communication with God is what we call 'prayer.' Read more
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VIVID Sydney

A look at the VIVID exhibition in Sydney - Enjoy (and excuse my shaky camera work :->)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Spirit Alive Diocesan Ministry Festival - Thank You

On behalf of Bishop Peter Ingham and the Diocese of Wollongong, thank you so much for your involvement in the Spirit Alive Diocesan Ministry Festival.


We are overwhelmed with the response we had from both stall holders and the general public and believe the day was an outstanding success.


Bishop Peter Ingham said: "The day showed that while Jesus Christ is central to us in our worship, there are also many ways we serve Jesus Christ in our community. The many stalls on the day featured our work in health and aged care, for people living with disability, with education and support for young families, foster care, prison ministry and international aid. Sometimes as Catholics we also need to be reminded of the many good ways we serve the broader community. And there is always an invitation for others to start afresh from Christ."


Photos of the Spirit Alive Ministry Festival and Spirit Alive PM Youth Festival are available for viewing on Bishop Peter Ingham's Facebook page at the following links:

·         Spirit Alive Diocesan Ministry Festival Photos

·         Spirit Alive PM Youth Festival Photos


Once again, thank you for your involvement and I hope to work with you again soon.


Kind Regards,





Further feedback:

·         Fr Michael Healy, Parish Priest at Campbelltown, was amazed with the turn-out. He said: "I never expected it to be like this. This is great!" Catholics from around the Diocese also shared this enthusiasm. Trevor Kellam from the Catholic Development Fund said: "It was great for me to see the many good things we are a part of."

·         Cameron, one of the young adults at the festival, said: "It was great to share my faith with other young people. It's great to see the Church so alive. It gives me hope for the future." Patrick, a young man training for the priesthood, said how much he enjoyed the day. "This is the church come to life!" he said


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Stranger

From the internet ....


A few years after I was born, my Dad met a stranger

who was new to our small town. From the beginning,

Dad was fascinated with this enchanting newcomer

and soon invited him to live with our family. The

stranger was quickly accepted and was around

from then on.

As I grew up, I never questioned his place in my

family. In my young mind, he had a special niche.

My parents were complementary instructors: Mom

taught me good from evil, and Dad taught me to obey.

But the stranger... he was our storyteller. He would

keep us spellbound for hours on end with adventures,

mysteries and comedies.

If I wanted to know anything about politics, history

or science, he always knew the answers about the past,

understood the present and even seemed able to predict

the future! He took my family to the first major league

ball game. He made me laugh, and he made me cry. The

stranger never stopped talking, but Dad didn't seem

to mind.

Sometimes, Mum would get up quietly while the rest of

us were shushing each other to listen to what he had to

say, and she would go to the kitchen for peace and quiet.

(I wonder now if she ever prayed for the stranger to leave.)

Dad ruled our household with certain moral convictions,

but the stranger never felt obligated to honor them.

Profanity, for example, was not allowed in our home - not

from us, our friends or any visitors. Our long time visitor,

however, got away with four-letter words that burned my

ears and made my dad squirm and my mother blush.

My Dad didn't permit the liberal use of alcohol but the

stranger encouraged us to try it on a regular basis. He made

cigarettes look cool, cigars manly, and pipes distinguished.

He talked freely (much too freely!) about sex. His comments

were sometimes blatant, sometimes suggestive, and generally


I now know that my early concepts about relationships were

influenced strongly by the stranger. Time after time, he

opposed the values of my parents, yet he was seldom rebuked

... And NEVER asked to leave.

More than fifty years have passed since the stranger moved

in with our family. He has blended right in and is not nearly

as fascinating as he was at first. Still, if you could walk into

my parents' den today, you would still find him sitting over

in his corner, waiting for someone to listen to him talk and

watch him draw his pictures.

We just call him 'TV.'

He has a wife now....we call her 'Computer.'