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John 13:34

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Free lecture by Vatican representative

Good afternoon, everyone

As you might know, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference is presenting the Australian Catholic Media Congress (Communicating the Word: Timeless Messages, New Media) in Sydney for three days from the end of April. This is a broad overview of the changing landscape of social media now, from Twitter to Facebook, Pinterest to LinkdeIn.

Keynote speaker for the Congress is Mons Paul Tighe, Secretary of the Vatican's Council for Social Communications.

It promises to be a comprehensive overview of this apparently complicated subject. But not too many of us have three days in our schedules to devote to the subject – no matter how much we would like to know about it.

And we in the Church seem particularly to want to know about it. During the course of my interactions with many in the church, I have often been asked about social media, what it is, what it means, how to manage it. We are all a bit in the dark, I feel, about how social media can serve mission.

So, Church Resources, through our flagship, faith-based publication, CathNews, is presenting Mons Tighe in an umbrella event – New Media, New Paradigms: Church Communications in a Digital Age – which will be held on May 3 at Riverview in Sydney from 7.30 pm.

To view the invitation to this free public lecture Click here. It explains the event, and also includes a click-through to enable you to register for tickets. I do hope you can join us, for an insight into the new media in the new world of social communications.

Apologies for the very Sydney-centric nature of the event, but Mons Tighe's schedule was both short and packed. However, I encourage you to circulate the invitation to your friends and subscribing to the event as indicated. I look forward to welcoming you, and them, on May 3 at Riverview.

Peace and grace

Christine Hogan

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