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John 13:34

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pastoral Planning eNewsletter - Important Information on the 3rd Plenary

Second Plenary Session a Success!

Over 250 people participated in the Second Pastoral Planning Plenary Session at St Patrick's College, Campbelltown on Saturday 18 September. People were very engaged with the process and a large amount of feedback was received both on the draft actions and how the plan can be integrated and implemented.

A full report will be published in the Summer edition of Journey Magazine due out in December.

Third Plenary Session Cancelled

Because of the success of the Second Plenary Session and the overall engagement in the process, there is no longer a need for a Third Plenary Session. As such, the Third Pastoral Planning Plenary Session scheduled for 13 November 2010 has been cancelled.

The two main aims of the Third Plenary were:

  • To seek endorsement of a plan that integrated all the various proposed actions; and
  • To seek endorsement of an effective way of implementing the plan.

Because we had to move the date of the Second Plenary back a month (due to the Federal Election), we found we had time to develop these ideas and bring them to the Second Plenary.

Further, the Second Plenary gave resounding support for integrating the plan, and clear direction on how not to implement the plan, and what was required for effective implementation. The Steering Committee feels very confident that we can now proceed to develop a draft plan without needing a Third Plenary.

We do want to keep in regular touch with all participants in the planning process, however, and so regular interim information will be made available to you through Journey Magazine, and through eNewsletter Updates such as this.

It is proposed that there will be a launch of the plan in February 2011, and that members of the Steering Committee will then revisit all the groups we consulted early in 2010, reporting on what happened to their proposals and how the plan is going to work.

What's the latest?

Since the Second Plenary Session, all the feedback received on the draft actions and identity, hope and calling statements has been processed and given to Bishop Peter and the Pastoral Planning Steering Committee. Over the past couple of weeks Bishop Peter has been consulting with some of his key advisory bodies including the Council of Priests and the Senior Executive Council in relation to the draft actions in light of the feedback received at the Second Plenary.

Their feedback has been invaluable. Dr John Honner is currently in the process of revising the draft actions into a summary document giving greater prominence to the theology and the strategies implicit in the actions, so that in the coming weeks, members from the Steering Committee will be able to meet with other Diocesan councils and committees for their feedback, including:

  • Diocesan Finance Council
  • CatholicCare Advisory Council
  • Diocesan Schools Council
  • Catholic Development Fund Advisory Council
  • Committee for the Aged
  • Committee for People with Disabilities and their Families
  • Diocesan Liturgical Committee
  • Diocesan Justice, Ecology and Peace Council
  • Diocesan Council for Catholic Women
  • Diocesan Stewardship Support Committee
  • Multicultural Council

Seminar on Pastoral Planning and the Church

27 November

Vatican II Seminar – The Church and its significance for our Diocese in light of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan.

Chevalier College, Bowral

Keynote speakers : Fr Frank Moloney SDB and Bishop Peter Ingham

10.00am – 2.30pm

RSVP essential. Day includes morning tea and lunch.

Cost: $30/$15 or by donation.

Contact Jane Edwards for registration and cost on or 4253 0899

Catholic Diocese of Wollongong, 86-88 Market Street, Wollongong NSW 2500.
For more information, please call (02) 4253 0900 or email

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