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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pastoral Planning Working Group - Faith education and spiritual formation


Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to me last week. It has really been invaluable.

To update you on the Pastoral Planning Working Group looking at faith education and spiritual formation, the meeting last week was essentially a meet-and-greet at which the process was again outlined. A mailing list was set up to facilitate communication within the group. Specifically we were asked to suggest, using a form that the parish services team provided on Monday, up to four activities for faith formation.

Attached is the four points that I have suggested based on the feedback last week. I have amalgamated these into four key actions: (i) Develop Faith Knowledge; (ii) Support Evangelisation Outreach; (iii) Encourage Catholic Spirituality; and (iv) Develop Skills of Ministers.

Also attached are some of the suggestions from other members. A number of their points already covered some of our ideas, so I have tried not to double up. Hopefully, between these, all of our ideas have been covered.

Our next steps are to discuss, refine, and prioritise these suggestions. In the first instance the mailing list will be used for this discussion, and then another meeting will be held. While no specific budget has been mentioned, I imagine that the priority agreed for different actions together with budget restraints will determine what actions get to go ahead. The co-ordinator is also looking at the suggestions from other working groups and he will see any overlap between groups.

Let me know what you think of the suggestions so far. I will post along others as they come in.


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