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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The power of G

Apropos our discussion at the FaithWorx Advent program on Sunday, I just received this message from a friend that I thought to share with you.

"...  Changing gears a bit, many of you have been telling me that you haven't heard from me in a while, and it's true. This is actually my 3rd edition to an update I've been working on and have finally come to the point of sending it out. There are many stories and things to share, but to be brief, these past few months has been a time where G has led me to a place where - one: I could let go of certain things and a relationship - two: I was simultaneously removed from things and relationships - three: I am being stripped down in heart and spirit - but four: embrace a deep passion.
       G is faithful.
       Last Tues., a bro called and told me he was thinking of me. He wanted to know how he could pr for me. One of the three things I told him was, "my spirit is broke, my spirit is broken right now."
       The next day, an elder couple I met with, who didn't know too much of the details of my situation started telling me about, "a broken spirit" and what J first said on the mount, "blessed are those who are poor in spirit". While the husband was talking inside that restaurant on the top floor, I was cracked to tears, "depleted" and "deleted" are descriptive of my state, yet feeling the immense love of G, and that He's in passionate pursuit of me. That's the good news. It's like you feel like a piece of poo, but G would call you "blessed".
       This past Sunday, a good brother from the States sent me a message, actually, it's a rap song interlude, called, "Theology of Brokenness". One line in the less than 2 minute interlude says, "listen, if you want to walk in the implications of the Gpsl, you're going to have to be married to the understanding of the principle of brokenness." My heart nodded in agreement to that so deeply b/c I knew it to be true. ("Thanks for sending that to me friend.") Recently, I have been even more grateful for the foreign brothers and sisters who have been a great support to me. At the same time, it's also been mutually refreshing to one another as we journey on amidst the spiritual scars and iron bars.

-Decision Making, "Turning" & Moving Forward-

... I've decided to explore something that I believe has been planted into my heart years ago. I'll be looking into various Chrstn (Sem.) schools. I hope to find growing up through solid training in formal settings in tandem with a church where I would be able to commit myself and serve for a long while. There is a quiet assurance to begin taking serious steps of faith towards this new direction, though outward circumstances such as finances, the economy, scarce jobs, etc. may say otherwise.

-Closing Thoughts & Remember-

       I ask for you pr's regarding this new direction I'm heading ... and for this city and country to be radically transformed by the life of JC through His Spirit living inside His people. My pr for you is that whether in cold, sunny, windy, rainy, dry or humid, good, bad, happy or sad conditions that you'll be able to experience a true "white Christmas" this season, where you can rest assured in heart and spirit that all your sins have been washed away, white as snow, once and for all by the precious blood of JC. Believe.
Thanks for standing with me. "

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