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John 13:34

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vocations Expo and Youth Group CYC on SUNDAY!!

good morning all you lovely people!

my internet has been down the last couple of days hence why i have not been emailing you all to give you a low down on whats going on....

So SUNDAY we have the vocations expo.@ the Hall..we need to set up a stall in the hall and run it all day....two people should be there at any one time and all day. I was thinking we should use the banners, and the you will receive power banners, maybe have a few photos and stuff and make flyers about what we are all about...some posters etc....main aom of the day is to recruit and to publise that we aint no small insignificant fact we are a growing, powerful and passionate youth ministry!

From my understanding its from 9 or 10 till the afternoon... id ask you all email me back and give the two hours you want to do...remember its time to live and share all that WYD has blessed us with...we have been set out as witnesses...we must act!

so we move onto CYC

from this week YOU all are taking over the running of the night....each of you have chosen groups and been given a ministry to share on sundays...for those you you who missed last youth, your groups will be assigned on sunday for the next meeting.

So Keiths guys are doing the faith component this readings, reflections, prayer, discussions, skits, testimonials...what ever tickles your fancy...and it can be in any form with any media you are facilitating. this is the bulk of the meeting...if you need help, dont hesistate to ask me or bro jo, or get ideas from other people.

Phils guys are on hospitality...that includes the welcome prayer and introductions and then food for the end of the night.

Jasons are on Music ministry...three or four praise and worship songs...need to motivate and evoke participation somehow and its up to you...then music for dancing etc at the end if you so wish. you have to lead and faciliate!

Marcs group... you guys are on Games ministry...find two or three games or fun activities for the night...bring all the equipment you need and you need to lead and facilitate it!

So its up to you to contact those in your group and decide on what you will be doing for your ministry for sunday night...remember needs to take up roughly 1hr 45mins...bring all your equipment and everything you need....if you require that people bring something or bibles or something feel free to do that.

one rep form each group please email me and let me know whats the basic gist of what your groups doing...

so have a great rest of the week back to tell me your time for the expo and ideas and plans for sunday night...bring some of your friends along too!

much love

your sister in christ always

Eri :D


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