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John 13:34

Friday, August 22, 2008

More Catholic youth events

Hi all,

Here are a few event notices from around the diocese that can't wait until our September youth enoticeboard:

WYD REUNION PICS AND FLICKS: All 7 minute films and photographs are due next Friday 29 August. Anyone who went to WYD08 from our diocese can enter! Great prizes include a digital camera, video camera, WYD merchandise, mobile phones, phone credit, rugby league merchandise and more! Successful film and photograph entries will be shown at the WYD Reunion on Friday 19 September 6.00pm to 9.30pm at McKinnon Theatre, University of Wollongong. Competition details are online at in the 'what's on' section.

ARC DAY: Saturday 30 August from 11am to 4pm. This is an awesome time for youth (14 – 18 years) to hang out with Youth Mission Team. Boys will be having a BBQ and playing footy and cricket on Austinmer beach (meet at Surf Lifesaving Club) Cost: $5. Girls will be having a picnic, playing soccer etc at Wollongong Botanical Gardens (meet in the carpark) – bring some food to share. RSVP by Friday 29 August to YMT Guys: 4284 3013 or YMT girls: 4285 2539. More details at

DIOCESAN MASS FOR REFUGEE AND MIGRANT SUNDAY. Sunday, 31 August at St Francis Xavier's Cathedral Wollongong at 2.00pm. The Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Peter followed by a concert, cultural displays and food sampling offered by various ethnic communities in the St Mary's College Hall. "As a multicultural community, this celebration is for all ethnic groups, including Anglo-Australians. I particularly ask that we make a special effort this year to search out and extend our invitation to any new refugees in our parishes." Bishop Peter Ingham. All are welcome. Enquiries: Kim Mannix Diocesan Parish Services 4253 0985

NOWRA PRAISE AND WORSHIP NIGHT: 7.00pm Saturday 6 September at St Michael's Hall (20 North Street Nowra). Help keep the spirit of WYD alive as we join in a night of music, dancing, testimonies, WYD photos and loads more.  Bring yourself, a family member, a friend or a bus load of people - EVERYONE! And join in the experiences of what WYD was like!!!

World Youth Day films and photos have already started to arrive for our Diocesan WYD Reunion: Pics and Flicks– make sure you keep Friday 19 September 6.00pm to 9.30pm free, so that we can celebrate WYD08 together at McKinnon Theatre, Wollongong University. Hope to see you there!

Christy Honeysett
Youth & Young Adult Coordinator
Catholic Diocese of Wollongong


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rapping Priest and some wisdom on suffering

Some of us have heard of the 'rapping' priest Father Stan Fortuna. He is a Franciscan Priest from New York who is Blessed with a gift of music and communication in general.

Ive posted a Talk of his on suffering, that is viewable on Youtube, but also included is a link to his

There are multiple parts to the video, and they are well worth a watch for his powerful and spiritual message.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Youth & Young Adult Updates

More youth & young adult opportunities in our diocese!... 

PRIESTHOOD ENQUIRY WEEKEND. Has the Lord stirred your heart to do something more with your life? Come along to a special weekend for young men who are asking serious questions about their life and vocation. If you are considering the priesthood, then this weekend is for you. Workers and students and a whole range of ages and backgrounds are invited. 8-10 August, Gerringong. The weekend will be conducted by the Diocesan Vocations Team. Cost? $30 (Let us know if this is a problem.) Please rsvp by Wednesday 6 August 6pm (today) - Fr Mark O'Keefe 4271 1068; Fr Patrick Vaughan 4294 1009; or Fr Richard Healey 0401 621 591.

ST MICHAEL'S YOUTH GROUP, NOWRA - STARTING THIS WEEK! Friday 8 August 7.00pm - 9.30pm at St Michael's Parish Centre (next to the Church) North Street, Nowra. Contact: Matthew Hill 44473197 or This is a new youth group commencing this Friday, and will be on every 2nd Friday of the month at 7:30pm. It is for young people from about 13-20 years. There will be fun games, prayer, spiritual discussions and 'Guest Speaker Talks', and time for supper and talk to friends, or meet new young people. For this first youth group, there will be discussions on experiences of WYD, and people will get a chance to give ideas for games and fun activities, for the next get-togethers. Tell your friends about it, and bring them along!

DOOR KNOCK APPEAL - The St Vincent de Paul Society Door Knock Appeal commences 23rd to 31st August. We are looking for excited, enthusiastic people to be the face of Vinnies in there local area. So grab a couple friends and come join us. Door Knock is for everyone! (under 18s must be supervised by adult or parent). The money raised by your efforts will go to people in your community who are struggling and need a helping hand. For more information contact Jeannine Ashton, Youth and Young Adult Coordinator St Vincent de Paul Society on 0429 656 886 or Come and be a Witness!

Want to know more about what is happening in our diocesan youth & young adult ministry? See our new website or our monthly enewsletter

Christy Honeysett

Youth & Young Adult Coordinator

Catholic Diocese of Wollongong


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Youth e-noticeboard

Keeping the Holy Spirit Alive Inside! This course will lead you through utilising the Holy Spirit in your life post WYD08, and includes talks, music, group discussion, fellowship and scripture. When: every Sunday from the 10th August to 7th September from 11am to 1pm at Xavier Centre, 2 Bond Street Bellambi. Ages: 18 +. For more information contact Melanie Pyrah on 0412 252502
Illawarra Crash (ecumenical youth event): Friday, 15 August 6.30pm to 9.00pm at TIGS College (Princes Highway, West Wollongong). Cost $6. It's gonna be an awesome night, with live bands, praise and worship, and an incredible word from Scott 'Sanga' Samways. WIN a Nintendo Wii by bringing the most people on the night! This date is also the Feast of the Assumption, a Holy Day of Obligation (Mass will not be included in the event). See or phone 4253 0809 for more information.

Catholic Young Adults Dinner: Saturday 16 August at 6.30pm at Collegians (located on the corner of Princess Hwy and Charlotte Street Wollongong). An ideal opportunity to discuss your experience of WYD08, eat yummy food and relax with good company.  R.S.V.P to Ally 0415 119 118 or Annie 0405 736 586 by 14 August.

Lighthouse Festival in Broken Bay Diocese: 22-24 August for those aged 16-30 years who would like a dynamic weekend learning more about faith. See and contact Christy Honeysett on 4253 0809 for details on transport from our diocese.
WYD Reunion Pics and Flicks: Celebrating WYD through Film and Photography. Friday 19 September 6.00pm to 9.30pm at McKinnon Theatre, University of Wollongong. Submit your 7 min film or photograph by Friday 29 August. Great prizes to be won! See for competition details
Anchor Camp: for young people aged 14-18 with the Youth Mission Team. Wednesday, 1 October to Friday, 3 October. Contact 4284 1635 for more information. Youth Leadership Workshops: Saturday 4 October 1pm to 5pm in Macarthur area (venue tbc). Providing workshops on: social justice, music, creating vibrant liturgies, starting a youth ministry, running retreats, and more! Email us know if you think a particular workshop should be provided -

World Youth Day: Where to from here? A weekend retreat for young adults (18-35) at Mount Carmel Retreat Centre, Varroville. Friday evening 10 October to Sunday afternoon 12 October. Cost $120. Call 9603 1433 to book.

Anchor Day: in November 2008. Great bands, dramas, sport, games, talks, prayer and more. Be set on fire in your faith with the Youth Mission Team! More details soon…

Diocesan Youth Mass: Saturday, 6 December 6.00pm will be a creative and youthful celebration with Bishop Peter. More details soon.

See videos, upcoming youth events, pray online, check out the youth Masses list, chat on xt3, see the map for your closest youth group, get resources and more! 
World Youth Day 2008 Photo Gallery will be online from Friday 15 August
ARE YOU PUMPED AFTER WYD08??? Here's what some people have said...
"How AWESOME was WYD!!!!...During the week as the leader I have had the opportunity to see God move within the youth in my group- truly amazing…The youth are more pumped for Christ than ever which is sooooo great!"
Erin Byrnes, leader of Catholic Youth Campbelltown 


"It was great to see the Entertainment Centre full and totally buzzing with everyone there for Jesus and being touched by His Love. The incredible unity of people from  the different continents and countries of the world that came to our parish for this event was  a sight to behold. Everyone in peace, unity and harmony as we all sang, danced, waved and clapped together."
Jonathon Nolan, Cathedral Parishioner (WYD Commissioning Mass, Wollongong)


"My students are still raving about everything they saw and the events they were involved in and how they felt that WYD was an experience of a lifetime. They have made many friendships that will last a lifetime and have given them renewed excitement about being a youth and being united with the Global Catholic community."

Steph Dunn, WYD School Coordinator Magdalene College


"I will never forget this weekend or the people in it…….. My body is aching - my legs tired, my shoulders bruised from my heavy bag but I wouldn't trade it for anything, this weekend was unforgettable and my faith has only been strengthened."

Ben, student at Magdalene College
"I cant believe how many people there actually were in Sydney. It was truly amazing and for me it helped my faith blossom and grow so much. For me I think I look at the Catholic Church now as something sacred that i will keep in my heart forever. Just the one week has turned my life around and now I know that my life is a lot clearer; I know that Jesus and I are best friends now."
Mitch Hilton, member of Dapto Area Youth Group

Vocations Expo and Youth Group CYC on SUNDAY!!

good morning all you lovely people!

my internet has been down the last couple of days hence why i have not been emailing you all to give you a low down on whats going on....

So SUNDAY we have the vocations expo.@ the Hall..we need to set up a stall in the hall and run it all day....two people should be there at any one time and all day. I was thinking we should use the banners, and the you will receive power banners, maybe have a few photos and stuff and make flyers about what we are all about...some posters etc....main aom of the day is to recruit and to publise that we aint no small insignificant fact we are a growing, powerful and passionate youth ministry!

From my understanding its from 9 or 10 till the afternoon... id ask you all email me back and give the two hours you want to do...remember its time to live and share all that WYD has blessed us with...we have been set out as witnesses...we must act!

so we move onto CYC

from this week YOU all are taking over the running of the night....each of you have chosen groups and been given a ministry to share on sundays...for those you you who missed last youth, your groups will be assigned on sunday for the next meeting.

So Keiths guys are doing the faith component this readings, reflections, prayer, discussions, skits, testimonials...what ever tickles your fancy...and it can be in any form with any media you are facilitating. this is the bulk of the meeting...if you need help, dont hesistate to ask me or bro jo, or get ideas from other people.

Phils guys are on hospitality...that includes the welcome prayer and introductions and then food for the end of the night.

Jasons are on Music ministry...three or four praise and worship songs...need to motivate and evoke participation somehow and its up to you...then music for dancing etc at the end if you so wish. you have to lead and faciliate!

Marcs group... you guys are on Games ministry...find two or three games or fun activities for the night...bring all the equipment you need and you need to lead and facilitate it!

So its up to you to contact those in your group and decide on what you will be doing for your ministry for sunday night...remember needs to take up roughly 1hr 45mins...bring all your equipment and everything you need....if you require that people bring something or bibles or something feel free to do that.

one rep form each group please email me and let me know whats the basic gist of what your groups doing...

so have a great rest of the week back to tell me your time for the expo and ideas and plans for sunday night...bring some of your friends along too!

much love

your sister in christ always

Eri :D