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John 13:34

Monday, July 7, 2008

Faith & Life Update - Catholic Diocese of Wollongong - July 08

Catholic Diocese of Wollongong - Faith & Life Update - July 2008
Dear friend in faith,
Upcoming News and Events
Our World Youth Day website is your primary source of news for what is happening in our region for World Youth Day. In particular, I encourage your attendance on our Living Justly Day (11 July) and at the Everything Aussie Day (12 July). Flyers for both events are attached.
Click here for a complete listing of both upcoming events and Bishop Peter's recent articles.
The current issue of our diocesan newsletter, Journey, may be found here.
Help required to welcome our international pilgrims
Help is still needed to ensure our international pilgrims are welcomed and looked after at our diocesan gatherings (Wollongong, Nowra, Varroville). Our need is particularly for Friday, 11 July (Welcoming, serving, group leading: Living Justly Day - day and evening) and Saturday, 12 July (Lifting/moving: 3.30pm � 5.30pm; 8.30pm � 10.30pm; Sunday morning). If you can help in any of the above areas, even for an hour, please contact Jane Edwards on 4253 0899 or Please share this call for help through your networks. Of course, whether or not you can help, I encourage you to participate and invite others. Both Friday and Saturday will be memorable days!
Youth News
As the World Youth Day excitement mounts, we might also be asking what will be happening for pilgrims and other inspired young people after the event? I attach a "pics and flicks" poster which you may wish to put up on a community notice board or give to a young person that you know. Other initiatives can be found in our current issue of Journey or on our new youth and young adult website.

Support is at hand � Parish Services Team
Bishop Peter is keen that our parishes receive strong support. The demands on priests and parishioners is increasing as more people seek to share in their Baptismal mission. Our parish services team is available to assist parish initiatives and link you to parishes who may have been through similar initiatives or put you in touch with appropriate resources. When requested, we can offer formation in areas such as prayer groups, stewardship, sacramental preparation, pastoral planning, pastoral councils, liturgy, RCIA, youth groups, evangelisation approaches and adult faith teams. Our members include Eileen Brown sgs (liturgy), Christy Honeysett (youth), Daniel Hopper (WYD), Frances Van Leerdam (IT, Finance and Administration), Libbey Byrne rsc, Kim Mannix and myself.
Where to for you - post WYD?
There are some great initiatives happening post WYD, but what are your hopes and dreams? how have you been inspired and what may you be looking for on the road ahead? Please share your thoughts and we may be able assist and to connect you with others.
Network of Adult Faith Formation
A number of those receiving this email are associated with a network of adult faith formation. Network members and others interested in adult faith formation will be interested to know we are continuing negotiations with Brisbane Archdiocese to secure the use of the Beginning Theology for our diocese. This offers small groups an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of faith with a mentor over a number of sessions. I will keep you informed and would be delighted if you would like to be part of a pilot group.
Reconnect, Rewired and Pastoral Letter
You may have read or picked up the recent pastoral letter from the Australian Bishops. This is of particular to interest to us, as it seeks to address the question of how we share the Good News with others. I would be delighted to hear of your own insights and experiences in this area. World Youth Day is a terrific time to engage in conversations about our faith. If you are interested in running a Reconnect Program or something similar, we can also offer support.
Faith & Life Guide
World Youth Day offers a spotlight onto the Catholic world. Therefore, it is timely that our six-monthly Faith & Life guide has been produced. Available here. Features include:
       Mass times and parish and school contact details;
       monthly faith and life events which can be reproduced and enlarged for display on noticeboards;
       a directory of diocesan agencies, works, councils, faith groups and services.
I suggest that local communities approach hotels, clubs and other businesses to ask if a copy can be placed on display. Visitors to these venues sometimes seek Mass times and other information. Of course, this is also a great opportunity to evangelise!
Hard copies available upon request. (Parishioners please check with your parish priest first to avoid duplication).
Please let us know what is happening in your local area
Our Parish Services Team is happy to support any local initiatives you may be planning or to connect you with others who may have explored a similar pathway. Remember that the diocesan website is another good resource and can be used to post details of upcoming events.
May Christ remain our inspiration and our way.

Richard McMahon
Director of Parish Services
02 4253 0976

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