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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WYD Meeting Next Sunday 6pm

Hi All:
Only one month to go to WYD!!!! It is time to get organised for the arrival of the Pilgrims during WYD week as well as making final arrangements with our own pilgrims.
This coming Sunday we will have a WYD meeting at 6pm after Mass to: (i) get people excited; (ii) get people involved; (iii) get people organised.
I have a 15 minute DVD from Wollongong showing images of the JCI through Wollongong set to music, which I think would be good to start us off and relive the JCI experience and get the Spirit fired up.
Following this we will discuss what will be happening during the WYD week:
- Pilgrims staying in homestay
- Pilgrims staying in the hall
- how our CYC will join and interact with the Pilgrims
- How the CYC week-long and week-end only Pilgrims will meet up
- additional support requirements (assistance of the "oldies") such as transport, food, materials, etc.
- the money situation
Following this a time for non-pilgrims to sign-up to help out in the Parish, pilgrims to pay their subsidy, and hopefully sale of some merchandise.
I will prepare some flyers for the masses this weekend for people as they leave mass together with a WYD sticker [while stocks last!].
Hope to see you there!

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