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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Saturday, May 17, 2008

YMT will be at CYC this week!!!!

Hey all you fantastic people!
So I got a phone call while I was at uni yesterday and it was Alex from Youth Mission Team and they asked when was the best time for them to come up and I said whenever so they are coming
on Sunday!!!! For those of you who can't remember them- they were the guys that did the Rise Up Macarthur event- all the dramas and talks.
They are an awesome group of people and can't wait for you to meet them all....james, marshall, greg, annie, alex and celeste.
So CYC is on on Sunday...same time and place (6-8 @ st johns hall)
So wats planned:
WEll we are really getting down to the nitty gritty of WYD....can't u just feel it...SO EXCITED!!!!
Anyone have any suggestions about what to do...please dont hesitate to bring it up: a song u want to play, dance, games, something you wanna talk about, a prayer: anything really.....
Last chance to registrate...BBQ Bunnings organsiing for next weekend...WYD merch stall outside mass....
So bring your friends (please come too- teams heard so much about you (from josh and i) and were really inspired by our efforts at rise up and really wanna get to know you awesome people you make us us..CYC)
Anyone have any music/games/prayers to bring...bring it :D
Hope you guys have an awesome week....please please come on Sunday
Love you all and God Bless
Erin xox

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