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John 13:34

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FaithWorx - Mother's Day Saints Special - Mary, Mother of God

Join us this Sunday night for a Mother's Day Special

Mary, Mother of God



The Church's teaching concerning Mary and great devotion to her is very often misunderstood and even attacked by non-Catholic Christians, and is sometimes poorly understood even by Catholics.

The Catholic Church teaches that by a free decision of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary was elevated to become the Mother of His Son Jesus Christ and Jesus' worthy associate in redeeming mankind. She was prepared for this role by being preserved by God's grace from all sin, original and personal, throughout her entire life, and was rewarded at the end of her life for her cooperation with God's plan by being taken up, body and soul, into Heaven, where she reigns with her Son as Queen of the Universe, and whence she distributes to men all the graces which, with, through and under her Son, she helped to merit on Calvary.

On Mother's Day, in this month of Mary, join us to explore these teachings in more detail. What is the basis for the Church teaching about the Mother of God, Mary ever virgin, the immaculate conception, the assumption, and prayer to Mary and the Saints?


Sunday 11th May 6:30pm-8pm
St John the Evangelist Hall, Meeting Room
Cost: Gold coin donation


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