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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Friday, April 4, 2008

Movie night on Sunday...what movie to watch?

Heya Guys!!!
CYC is on again on Sunday @ 6pm....
MOVIE NIGHT!!!! bring some nibblies to share and  help me choose the movie...any suggestions? atm im thinking somewhere along the lines of step up or take the lead..
Also the following saturday... the 12th of April is ANCHOR 08..'Its AWESOME to be Catholic!' its $20 for a full day of fun...its going to be huge~ goes from 9am-9pm and im actually talking about our youth group and talking about my experience so please come along to show ur support for the group and stop my nerves :D
for those who are working there is a youth rally from 530-9m which is FREE...and i REALLY REALLY REALLY would LOVE it if you could all will be fantastic--you will not be dissappointed!
Quick note for those of you who were on the BBQ roster for tomorrow...those BBQs have been cancelled for this week because we have Bunnings on ANZAC weekend!
Bring your friends with you...its time to relax and have fun in the light of the JCI!
Don't forget to email me suggestions otherwise we will be stuck with my choice and something to share with everyone!
E :D

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