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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Friday, April 18, 2008

CYC on Sunday.....Laminin- you have to see this!!!

Hi Guys!!
Hope you have all had an awesome week!!! mines been so unbelieveably busy with uni and everything!
BUt its that time of the week again.....CYC!!!! If you wanna come to mass (5pm )before youth group we will be sitting behind the band/choir so come and sit with us and let the parish know that we are a growing and fantastic group of young adults passionate about our faith!!!
OK so its at the same time, same place (6-8pm at St Johns) and we have something extra special planned for you guys so get ready!
Bring some friends along...let them join the awesome people we are!:D
Those of you who have boxes of chocolate we need the money back ASAP!!! thos e of you who have thanks a billion!
So hopefully you can see that picture above...that is a picture of laminin- the protein molecule that holds the whole body together- without it we would be jelly literally- its a scientific fact...and YES its in the shape of a CROSS! How GREAT is our GOD that he is in the very molecules of our body holding us together- so if you have ever questioned him the evidence is inside you!!! :D
Can't wait to see you all on Sunday!!!
Much love
YSIC (Your Sister in Christ)

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