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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Friday, March 28, 2008

Acts of the Apostles

 Join us to watch




from the Visual Bible


Part One – Sunday 30th March

Part Two – Sunday 13th April


Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Where: St John the Evangelist Hall

Meeting Room


Part One - Journey with the physician Luke as he tells the enthralling story of danger, struggle and triumph that marks the birth of the Christian church.  Share the times of mystery and wonder that follow the resurrection of Jesus. Experience the transforming power of Pentecost that turned cowards into statesmen. Catch fire, as the passionate eloquence of Peter and John sends the flame of faith racing through Jerusalem. Touch the wellspring of faith that gives them courage to withstand the rage of the Sanhedrin. The martyrdom of Stephen marks the beginning of a great persecution. Flee with the disciples as the infant church scatters from Jerusalem ... to embrace the world! The seeds of the new church are scattered throughout the land. Watch as the stern might of Rome is transformed into joy. Centurion Cornelius and the ostracized "gentiles" also receive the Holy Spirit.  Then, travel the road to Damascus with the Pharisee Saul. Witness Saul's shattering encounter that transforms the young faith's greatest enemy into its boldest voice. Paul discovers his destiny as "a light for the Gentiles." Then travel to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas. The powerful impact of their message fuels the jealousy of enemies who drive them from the city, leaving them for dead.

Part Two - We plunge into the tempestuous years of conflict, danger and turmoil, as the young Christian church opens its arms to the "Gentile" world. Journey with Paul, Barnabas, Silas  and Timothy as they teach and baptize, establish churches and plant the seeds of faith throughout Asia Minor, Greece and Macedonia. Share each success and setback. The full force and consequences of Paul's powerful commitment are now unleashed.  Listen to the passionate eloquence that stirs the ancient world ... shatters old beliefs ... transcends differences of race and culture ... and opens new vistas of possibility in man's relationship with God. We return with Paul to Jerusalem. He ignores repeated warnings of personal danger to follow the call of the Holy Spirit. Witness the pivotal events that will carry the flame of faith from dusty Judea to the heart of the Roman empire. The passionate beliefs and eloquent words of this charismatic Roman Jew shakes the worldly cynicism of kings and politicians. Then living amid the splendor of imperial Rome, Paul continues to teach and baptize. He strives for harmony between Jewish tradition and Christian belief. Paul's travels and writings plant the seeds of change that revolutionize the civilized world.



Monday, March 24, 2008

WYD Cross and Icon at St John's - Wednesday 26th to Thursday 27th March


The WYD Cross and Icon will be visiting St John's this Wednesday and Thursday. You are invited to join us for the Praise and Worship, overnight Vigil, and morning mass.
9pm - Commencement of P&W in preparation for the arrival of the cross. Includes music, drama, and communal singing.
10pm - Arrival of the cross and icon. P&W continues to 11pm.
11pm onward - Vigil (contact Brother John on 0409 450 239 to book)
7:30am - Mass
8am - Breakfast in the hall

Following the P&W event with the WYD cross and icon on 26th March we will have a supper in the hall. You are invited to bring a plate to share. Suggested foods are sandwiches and cold finger foods, cakes or slices, chips and lollies. You can drop these in to Annette at the Hall before the P&W between 8:30pm and 9pm on the 26th, or contact Annette on 0404 112 335 for an earlier pickup.
See you on Wednesday for this unique event.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


·           Saturday, 15th March:  Catholic Youth Campbelltown,
World Youth Day Youth Group, is calling out to all
young CHRISTIANS from ages 16 to 35 to be part of
World Youth Day stall. People will get a chance to
register for World Youth Day and purchase any World
Youth Day merchandise . The world youth day stall will
be located at Stall Site Number 17, near the Carlisle St
roundabout. It will operate from 8:30am to 8:30pm.


·         Sunday, 9th March:  Catholic Youth Campbelltown,
World Youth Day Youth Group, is calling out
to all young CHRISTIANS from ages 16 to 35 to
be part of World Youth Day 2008. A meeting is
 being hosted in the St John the Evangelist Parish
Hall, 35 Cordeaux Street, from 6pm. Visitors


Saturday, 8th March:  Catholic Youth Campbelltown,
World YouthDay Youth Group, is hosting a World
Youth Day fundraising BBQ. The fundraising BBQ
will be hosted next to the Strathfield Car Radio car
park, 34 Queen Street, Campbelltown, from 9am to 2pm.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Soulful Conversations

Anyone working or studying in the city may be interested in the following events.

Soulful Conversations
UTS Catholic chaplaincy offers a conversational exploration of current Catholic thinking and spirituality for staff and students.
Monday, March 10: 12 - 1pm - God - Teacher, Judge, Warrior, Lover, Friend.
Monday, March 31: 12 - 1pm. - Jesus - incarnate radical love.
Monday, April 14: 12 - 1pm. - Prayer - talking or listening and to whom?
Monday, April 28: 12 - 1pm - The Theology of the Body - morality; ethics and conscience.
VENUE: Multifaith Room 1. Bld.02.03.16
Facilitators: Fr Peter Maher and Br Gary Wilson

ALSO THE World Youth Day CROSS AND ICON will visit UTS on March 19 at 12 noon.
Ceremony: Level 3 Concourse Building 1, 12.15 - 12.50pm. ALL WELCOME.

Details: Fr Peter: 9557 3197 or

Monday, March 3, 2008

Notes from WYD Committee Meeting 2nd March 2008 6pm

Notes from WYD Committee Meeting 2nd March 2008 6pm
St John the Evangelist Parish Hall Meeting Room

Attendance: per attendance book
Apologies: per attendance book

Opening Prayer: Angelus

1. Finance Report
The following details are based on figures provided at the meeting by JV.

Cash Flow
Operating Activities
Cash receipts from Sales 2,622.00
Cash paid to suppliers (2,167.36)
Cash generated from Operations 454.64
Nett cash flow from Operations 454.64
Investing Activities
Bank Interest 0.00
Bank Charges (0.00)
Nett cash flow from Investments 0.00

Nett increase in cash and equivalents 454.64
Cash and equivalent at start of June 07 0.00
Cash and equivalent at 3rd March $454.64

Balance Sheet
Current Assets
Cash on hand 156.70
Cash at Bank (St John's Account) 297.94
Accounts receivable 0.00
Inventory (estimate) 1,500.00
Total $1,954.64

Liabilities and Equity
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable (approx) 800.00
Customers awaiting stock 50.00
Total $ 850.00

Capital 1,104.64
Total $1,104.64

It was noted that what this means, in practice, is that St John's will have donated almost $3,000 to the WYD organisation through purchase of merchandise and fundraising activities to support the overall WYD costs and pay for pilgrims from poorer countries to attend WYD.

It was agreed that no further merchandise should be purchased.

2. Fundraising
* Strathfield Car Radio BBQ
JV noted that the event was good as a promotion but did not recover costs as yet. Income $141.50, Costs $262.19. It was noted that there remains about 120 drinks (~$180) that can be sold at other events.

It was agreed that future BBQs would use loaves of bread rather than bread rolls (This was suggested by the Metz BBQ people who will have BBQ at SCR on alternate weeks). Some way to provide coffee/tea was also discussed as this would be a relatively high profit item. GS to liaise with Metz group. JV noted the need for a trailer or utility to transport BBQ.

Next BBQ at SCR NEXT SATURDAY 9th March from 9am-2pm

* Cuddly Bear donated for Easter raffle. EB to get some easter eggs and raffle tickets. Tickets to be sold at Easter masses and March 26th event. Draw at the end of the March 26th event. EB to send words for bulletin to JV. JV to arrange entry in bulletin from this week. CD to create a poster. It was noted that tickets need to be stamped with the parish stamp.

* Chocolate drive No 2
DB has arranged 30 boxes of fundraiser chocolates as discussed at the previous meeting. 3 already sold. Will bring to the CYC next week. $48 per box.

* Other ideas for future events include:
- Bucket car wash during Sunday masses
- Auction of Youth to do odd jobs
- Bingo night/games night
- Movie night

3. JCI events 26th March
* The draft schedule for the Campbelltown JCI events was tabled and discussed (also available on the Blog at
* Rise Up and Procession of the Cross
- Discussion on requirements for CYC members at the Rise Up event (Art Gallery) and procession of the cross through Campbelltown. Expected arrival at St John's around 10pm.
- MH is awaiting information from GS on procession of cross in order to invite the Anglican community to participate.
- An additional item for the procession discussed at CYC was the use of the Tongan choir.
* P&W in church
- Stall to sell merchandise during the P&W event in the church porch from 8.30-9pm and 11pm-. DB agreed to run this stall. Other volunteers welcome to help.
- People will be asked to bring a plate to the hall for the event to be available for supper afterwards. Annette Read has agreed to lead this team and will be in the Hall from 8.30-9pm to accept dishes and then from 10.30-11.30 to organise the food and drinks. Existing CYC cans/bottles will be available for purchase at $1.50 per can.
- SD noted that the church event is Catholic. Additional performers are welcome to offer their services for the church event.
- JV talked about the overnight Vigil. He has sent invitations to the various religious groups.
- Already the Indian youth community has asked to lead the 11pm-midnight time.
- The French community have agreed to lead from 6am-7.30am in French and participate in the Mass. LS gave a detailed description of the prayers that will be done in this time.
- CYC offered to lead from 5am-6am.
- MH suggested also asking other parishes that have already hosted the cross for further ideas.

Closing prayer: Glory Be
Meeting Closed 7pm

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Way of the Cross - Maryfields


To any one interested in a small pilgrimage to Maryfields, Yuti & I
will be going to the Way of the Cross this Sun 3pm. It has to be one
of the best Lenten pilgrimages anywhere in Sydney area - and it's
right here on our doorstep!

It's only on for 3 more Sundays in Lent. Then no more after that 'til next year.

We will stop by St John the Evangelist's about 2.40pm for anyone who
would like a lift. (we can take 3 people), & will drop anyone back

It usually finishes 4 - 4.30pm, well in time to easily make it to Sun
Youth Mass.

Pass it on.

God Bless
Clayton & Yuti

Franciscan grounds
Narellan Rd.

(Use entrance drive to Recovery Centre - just past the turn off for the
University of Western Sydney on opposite side of road )