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John 13:34

Thursday, January 31, 2008

WYD 2008

world youth day sydney 2008
campbelltown team meeting

Only 166 days to go before WYD08

Sunday, 10th February, 6pm-7pm
St John the Evangelist Hall, Campbelltown

You are invited to join the Campbelltown WYD08 team on Sunday 10th February at 6pm (right after 5pm mass) to discuss fundraising, WYD costs and registration, Homestay, and plans for the visit of the cross and icon to Campbelltown in March 2008.

1. Treasurer's Report - CB
2. Report on recent events
* Saturday 8th December - Cross and Icon in Wollongong. Rock Mass & Overnight vigil at St Francis Xavier Cathedral.
* NYE - Koshigaya Park

* 26 January - Australia Day, Koshigaya Park

3. Report on Diocesan Youth Forum - SD

4. Fundraising
* Easter chocolate drive - DB
* Second hand books - SD

5. Cross and Icon in Campbelltown - St John's 26th-27th March
* 5pm-5:30pm Arrival at Mawson Park (St Peters Anglican). Fr M to invite St Peter's community to participate in carrying the cross to the ecumenical service at the Art gallery, and back after the event.
* 6pm-8pm Multi-faith event at Campbelltown Art Gallery.
* 8pm-9.30pm Carry cross back via St Peters Anglican, then on to St John's.
* 8:30pm-11pm Praise and Worship inviting all local churches. Rock mass group and other performers invited.
* 11pm-6am Catholic vigil and prayers. Everyone welcome. To invite all religious from the area to attend.
* 6am-8am Veneration and prayers
* 8am Mass
* 8:30 Cross departs for Magdalene College

Upcoming events:
* CYC - currently doing 7-week WYD programme - Fortnightly (Next meeting 10th February)
* 17 March - Ingleburn Alive Festival
* 26/27 March - Journey of the Cross in Campbelltown, Overnight vigil at St John's
* 4-6 April - Campbelltown Show
* 15-20 July - WYD week

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