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John 13:34

Thursday, November 15, 2007

WYD 2008 - Meeting Notes 20071104

Notes from combined CYC & WYD team Meeting
Sunday 04.11.2007
St John's Parish Hall Meeting Room

1. Opening Prayer

2. Attendance - Check book **
Apologies -

3. Reports
a. CYC and YouthFest events - Successfully run. Thanks to everyone concerned. Also thanks to organisation of accomodation for the NET Ministry team. Feedback: Bands and testimonials were a good feature.

4. Promotions/Fundraisers
a. Shirts/Hats - Now selling. Still awaiting bucket hats.
b. Merchandise - Now selling.
c. Bunnings BBQ - Insurance certificate obtained. CD/YD will book for four Saturdays from January. CD has written a list of the public liability requirements and contacts for future reference. CD to type up and send to SD to distribute and put on the web so everyone can access.
d. Cadbury Chocolate boxes - 20 boxes received (1 already sold). Please take a box for sale and pay DB $48. Decided to sell after each mass next weekend: 6pm - Ivanna, Daniel (poss.), Nicole G; 7:30am Dianne B; 9am+10:30am CD, YD; 5pm - Nicky L, Cathryn
e. Fisher's Ghost Parade - A small contingent participated in the parade. In addition a stall was staffed for the Combined Churches Family Fun Festival at Koshigaya Park.

5. Publicity
a. As above.

6. HomeStay - MW/PW
a. Homestay talk given at masses on 3/4 November. Thanks to presenters. 7 forms taken today, 6 logged online, 2 at festival. 13 have requested more information and 19 completed applications. 40 beds confirmed on existing support, and looks like 100 with those from this weekend. The total requirement/request is for 600 beds in Campbelltown.
b. MW suggests at follow-up at masses in 5-6 weeks
c. The Homestay information has been added as a permanent note to the bulletin.
d. There was a discussion of the process for Homestay evaluation. It was suggested that CYC members may like to host people from overseas to make contacts for future travel.

7. Upcoming Events
a. Fishers Ghost Street Fair Saturday 10th November - CB.
- JV noted that although the insurance certificate was obtained, we were advised that all stalls had already been taken.
- It was agreed to meet at the church at 11:30am wearing shirts and walk down through the street fair to be visible and possibly sell chocolates.
(subsequent note: On Thursday 8th we were advised that a stall had become available. Hasty arrangements were made and we did indeed have a merchandise stall at the Street Fair. Thanks to all.)

b. CYC - Sunday 18th November 6pm

c. Parish "New Year" Bush Dance - Saturday 24th November
- This is now confirmed. Promotion at next week's masses.

d. January Bunnings BBQ (Date TBC)

e. Ingleburn Alive Festival - 17th March
- Contact to be made with Macquarie Fields, Holy Family church

f. Journey of the Cross in Campbelltown - Wednesday 26th March
- It was noted that an organising meeting for Campbelltown was held on Monday 22nd October but we did not find out about this until afterwards. We have been forwarded notes from the meeting. St John's is indicated only as "overnight - low key". It has been previously suggested that we will have an all-night vigil with exposition and possibly a mass in the evening and/or morning. It was noted that Fred Borg would be the person to discuss any matters/logistics associated with the journey from the Arts centre to St Johns. GS suggested a procession down Queen St and up Cordeaux St.

g. Campbelltown Show - 4-6 April

h. WYD08 week - Monday 14th July to Sunday 20 July
- It was noted that pilgrims need to register individually or as a group from the Parish in order to get a place in the venues during the week. There is a cost of arounf $300+ dollars per person depending on the programme chosen to pay for transport, seminars, food, etc. Fundraising activities, once costs are paid, will help to defray (or perhaps cover fully) these costs.

8. Positions Vacant
a. Transport co-ordinator - Still vacant

9. Other Business
- Suggestions for future CYC meetings: (i) Excursion to Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi - It is noted that permission consent forms for U18's need to be completed before an excursion can be undertaken. (ii) Green Church project - Details provided of speakers who are available to come and present on global warming and green church opportunities.

10. Closing Prayer - WYD Song

Next Meeting Sunday 18th November 6pm

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