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John 13:34

Monday, October 15, 2007

WYD 2008 - Meeting Notes 20071007

Notes from WYD team Meeting
Sunday 07.10.2007
St John's Parish Hall Meeting Room

1. Opening Prayer - WYD Song

2. Attendance - Sean Donovan, Greg Simoni, Yuti Diack, Clayton Diack, Dianne Byrnes, Carolyn Baragry, Kylie Moody, Marylyn Elias, Ivanna Goodall, John Verhoeven
Apologies - Mary Law, Erin Byrnes, Kerry McDonald, Pat and Mick Webb, Craig Cockroft

3. Reports
a. Prohibited Employment Declaration Forms - JV
b. Treasurer's Report - CB. Cash at hand from shirt sales $400.
c. Media Report - GS. Examples of local media coverage tabled. Dates for Youth Events distributed to local churches, schools and media. Noted that the term break at the schools hampered getting the message out.

4. Promotions/Fundraisers
a. Shirts/Hats - SD. Shirts now available. Noted the need to order additional small and medium sizes as these have run out. Will enquire about  bucket hats with embroidered logo.
b. Other materials/hats - JV. Advised still need to follow up on these items. Another source for some fundraising items was also found at Brookvale and will be contacted.
c. Bunnings BBQ - CD advised that the Bunnings BBQ can be booked for Saturday or Sunday for fundraising. Bunnings provide BBQ and gas, the group would provide all food and drink. Would need to staff from 9am to 3pm and clean-up. $50 deposit required which is returned following return of the cleaned BBQ. Need to show parish public liability insurance to book. JV to provide to CD. Agreed to book a Saturday each month starting from January.
d. Fundraising Week - YD suggested a fundraising week, perhaps a chocolate drive or Krispy Kreme. DB to investigate Cadbury Chocolate fundraisers.
e. Banner - CB/CD. Agreed on the CYC name and design. Will proceed to organise banner prior to YouthFest.

5. Youth Group
a. Veritas Shirts - CD. Agreed to proceed with a few of these screen printed shirts ahead of the YouthFest. Estimated sale price about $20.
b. Future Youth Group Dates - JV provided a list of all the future CYC dates to the end of 2008.

6. Upcoming Events

a. CYC Event 21st October
- Estimate 25 people will attend.
- Talk to be given by WYD team members following masses next weekend with handouts following mass. WYD shirts to be worn so people recognise the team. JV will prepare an overhead slide. Vigil - GS, 7.30am - EB, 9am - KM, 10am - CD/YD, 5pm - GS
- CD/YD will organise food. It was noted that food purchased could be frozen and may cover both the CYC and YouthFest. "Oldies" to handle BBQ while the youth group meeting is in progress.
- CD advised that Karin Ransden and Sari Blenkinsopp will give testimony and run the central hour of the meeting.
- GS advised that the church rock group had agreed to play. It was suggested that the band could play prior to the testimonies, as people arrive, and then during the BBQ.
- GS/YD to complete an agenda for the evening and circulate.

b. YouthFest 27th October
- Tabled letters from Christy Honeysett outlining the format of the evening. Estimated 80 people to attend. Need for us to cater and youth group members to meet/greet arrivals.
- We need to find accomodation for the 12 members of the NET ministry for the Saturday night. JV to raise with MW/PW to see if homestay volunteers can provide.

c. Fishers Ghost Parade Saturday 3rd November and Street Fair Saturday 10th November - CB.

d. Parish "New Year" Bush Dance - Saturday 24th November

e. Journey of the Cross in Campbelltown - Wednesday 26th March

f. WYD08 week - Monday 14th July to Sunday 20 July

6. Positions Vacant
a. Transport co-ordinator - Still vacant

7. Closing Prayer

Next Meeting Sunday 21st October 6pm (during the youth group meeting)

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