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John 13:34

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WYD 2008 - Meeting Notes 20070923

world youth day sydney 2008
campbelltown team

Only 294 days to go before WYD08

Notes from team Meeting
Sunday 23.09.2007
St John's Parish Hall Meeting Room

1. Opening Prayer

2. Attendance - Sean Donovan, Greg Simoni, Mick Webb, Pat Webb, Yuti Diack, Clayton Diack, Erin Byrnes, Dianne Byrnes, Carolyn Baragry, Kylie Moody, Craig Cockroft, Michael Healy, Mary Law.
Apologies - Marylyn Elias, John Verhoeven, Kerry McDonald

3. Prohibited Employment Declaration Forms

4. Reports

a. St John's Fete
GS and CB reported that the stall promoting WYD at the St John's Fete was good practice for future events and provided visibility. WYD posters around the stall and the WYD song and other young Christian music played through the day. WYD Materials handed out. 15 new people interested in participation with the youth group. Free competition for two childrens/seniors movie vouchers drawn at 3pm (winner Lisa Van Loon). Visitors book. It was noted that for the future we should have more signage/banner(s) and merchandise to sell. Unfortunately the uniforms and merchandise were not delivered in time for the Fete.

Two quotes have been obtained for banners (a smaller one for ~$165 and a larger for ~$360). CB and CD will decide on an appropriate banner (or banners) and order.

b. T-Shirts and Hats
SD reported that an initial 25 shirts have been ordered. Thanks to Fr Michael for providing the cheque to pay for the shirts (Please pay $40 for shirt and hat ASAP so that we can pay this back). The embroidery is still being worked on. SD advised that he was not yet happy with the sample provided on Thursday and has asked for some further changes. The hats have been ordered from the WYD site, however they will not despatch these until they have received payment. We are awaiting the invoice.

CD presented some designs for youth T-Shirts, etc and the Youth Group Logo. It was noted that "Against the Grain" seems to have a negative connotation among young people approached, and it was agreed that "Catholic Youth Campbelltown" would be an appropriate youth group name. Use of the wording "Libera Veritas" or "Veritas" with the images was agreed.

c. Youth Group
GS advised that the first official meeting is planned for the 21st October and will be promoted through schools newsletters, parish announcements, newspapers and radio. A permission consent form for under-18's has been reproduced from the Wollongong Diocese youth group manual. Suggestions from the previous meeting included a 6pm start, 2 hour duration, guest speaker (testimony), live band, trivia, raffle, and BBQ with free entry. YMT in Wollongong will be approached to assist. Outcomes from this meeting will include future youth group events, group excursions, world youth day planning, and the filling of youth roles (office bearers).

MW suggested that the personal approach targeting specific potential youth leaders would help a successful outcome.

d. Media
GS advised that the Chronicle, C91.3 and MCR-FM had all run promotional community items for the WYD stall at St John's fete. Samples of media releases for the Youth Group meeting were circulated.

e. Home Stay
MW and PW will attend a training session at the Polding Centre in Sydney on Thursday week. A number of forms have been distributed and information from the WYD Homestay manual.

5. Upcoming Events

a. Macarthur Youthfest - 27th October
This is to be run on Saturday 27th October (clarified, not 17th) by the Wollongong Diocese as part of the WYD lead-up. The parish hall has been booked for this on the 27th. GS to contact Christie Honeysett to confirm details.

b. Fishers Ghost Parade Saturday 3rd November and Street Fair Saturday 10th November
It was agreed that we should walk behind the banner(s) and hand out material rather than have a float. Groups in other Campbelltown parishes will be asked to walk with us in the parade. It was suggested that we could carry a cross in the parade. CB to make enquiries about how to book for the parade and street fair.

c. Journey of the Cross in Campbelltown - Wednesday 26th March
MH advised that he attended a planning meeting at the Catholic Club. UWS did not seem interested in hosting the cross on the day. St John's Parish will be responsible for hosting the cross from the Arts Centre to St John's and overnight. This will require fit people to carry the cross from the arts centre, a group (several strong people needed) to erect the cross in its stand for the evening and to unmount it again in the morning, and people to partake in an all-night vigil. Possibly also a mass in the evening, morning, or both. Some ideas from Broken Bay were circulated.

d. WYD08 week - Monday 14th July to Sunday 20 July
It was noted that some youth expressed an interest in sleeping out at Randwick during the week.

6. Positions Vacant
a. Treasurer - CB volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer
b. Transport co-ordinator - Still vacant

7. Other Business
a. MW moved a vote of thanks to all who helped at the Fete

8. Closing Prayer

Next Meeting Sunday 7th October 6pm

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