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John 13:34

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Notes from WYD08 Meeting

Notes from WYD08 Meeting
Sunday 9th September 2007 at 6pm
St John's Parish Hall Meeting Room
Next Meeting Date: Sunday 23rd September at 6pm
1. Receive the Power Anthem
2. Brother John reprised the timetable and activities for WYD08
3. Group split into three teams
a. Youth Group
b. Home Stay
c. Promotion
Notes of Promotion Meeting
c1. Prohibited Employment Declaration forms distributed for completion to Br John before the next meeting.
c2. Four people from Campbelltown attended the youth leadership training day on Saturday 8th September. The morning was spent discussing the duty of care requirements for youth groups. Afternoon covered public testimony skills.
c3. Upcoming Events
*** 22nd September Saturday - St John's Fete
Carolyn Baragry advised that a stall has been booked for the Fete. Materials and volunteers now required. Please contact Carolyn at
*** 17th October Wednesday - Youth Event Macarthur
Probably to be held in the St John's Hall. Details to be finalised.
*** 3rd November Saturday - Fisher's Ghost Street Parade
*** 10th November Saturday - Fisher's Ghost Street Fair
Carolyn Baragry to investigate how we can register for these events. Call for anyone who has a truck that would be available as a float for the Street Parade.
*** 26th March 2008 Wednesday - Journey of the Cross
*** April 2008 - Campbelltown Show
c4. Campbelltown WYD Banner
Kerry McDonald will follow up with her brother-in-law.
c5. Use of Logo
Sean Donovan advised that we have approval to use the logo for promotional events and correspondence. There are restrictions on the use of the logo with any other corporate or sponsorship logo's. A file has been provided by WYD of the official logo.
c6. Fundraising
Sean Donovan advised that the fundraising code has been obtained. However, much of the merchandise at the WYD shop is not available when using this code. A printout of available fundraising items was provided by Brother John. The team selected items to be purchased (hopefully to be delivered in time for the Fete) by Brother John.
c7. T-Shirts
Sean Donovan advised that no discount is available on the WYD shirts selected at the previous meeting. It will therefore be cheaper to have our own shirts made. Sean will organise these. If anyone knows a local Catholic supplier please let Sean know, otherwise he will use his usual supplier in Botany.
c8. Draft promotional letters
A list of local groups and media for promotion was provided by Greg Simoni. It was suggested that Brother John may be able to provide a longer list of local Christian and Catholic contacts.
Greg also provided sample media releases. Some improvements were suggested and passed on to Greg.
4. The full meeting reconvened with closing comments and prayer.
Next Meeting Date: Sunday 23rd September at 6pm

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