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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FaithWorx - Understanding the Mass - Sunday 6pm

You are invited to attend a discussion on

Understanding the Mass

led by Kevin Davies

Come along at 6pm on Sunday to join a discussion with Kevin Davies looking at the background and meaning of various parts of the Catholic Mass. This evening will look at a couple of selected areas of particular interest.

Copies of the reference book will be available to reflect upon during the discussion.

Date: Sunday 30th September
Time: 6pm-7pm
Place: St John's Hall, Meeting Room

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

WYD 2008 - Meeting Notes 20070923

world youth day sydney 2008
campbelltown team

Only 294 days to go before WYD08

Notes from team Meeting
Sunday 23.09.2007
St John's Parish Hall Meeting Room

1. Opening Prayer

2. Attendance - Sean Donovan, Greg Simoni, Mick Webb, Pat Webb, Yuti Diack, Clayton Diack, Erin Byrnes, Dianne Byrnes, Carolyn Baragry, Kylie Moody, Craig Cockroft, Michael Healy, Mary Law.
Apologies - Marylyn Elias, John Verhoeven, Kerry McDonald

3. Prohibited Employment Declaration Forms

4. Reports

a. St John's Fete
GS and CB reported that the stall promoting WYD at the St John's Fete was good practice for future events and provided visibility. WYD posters around the stall and the WYD song and other young Christian music played through the day. WYD Materials handed out. 15 new people interested in participation with the youth group. Free competition for two childrens/seniors movie vouchers drawn at 3pm (winner Lisa Van Loon). Visitors book. It was noted that for the future we should have more signage/banner(s) and merchandise to sell. Unfortunately the uniforms and merchandise were not delivered in time for the Fete.

Two quotes have been obtained for banners (a smaller one for ~$165 and a larger for ~$360). CB and CD will decide on an appropriate banner (or banners) and order.

b. T-Shirts and Hats
SD reported that an initial 25 shirts have been ordered. Thanks to Fr Michael for providing the cheque to pay for the shirts (Please pay $40 for shirt and hat ASAP so that we can pay this back). The embroidery is still being worked on. SD advised that he was not yet happy with the sample provided on Thursday and has asked for some further changes. The hats have been ordered from the WYD site, however they will not despatch these until they have received payment. We are awaiting the invoice.

CD presented some designs for youth T-Shirts, etc and the Youth Group Logo. It was noted that "Against the Grain" seems to have a negative connotation among young people approached, and it was agreed that "Catholic Youth Campbelltown" would be an appropriate youth group name. Use of the wording "Libera Veritas" or "Veritas" with the images was agreed.

c. Youth Group
GS advised that the first official meeting is planned for the 21st October and will be promoted through schools newsletters, parish announcements, newspapers and radio. A permission consent form for under-18's has been reproduced from the Wollongong Diocese youth group manual. Suggestions from the previous meeting included a 6pm start, 2 hour duration, guest speaker (testimony), live band, trivia, raffle, and BBQ with free entry. YMT in Wollongong will be approached to assist. Outcomes from this meeting will include future youth group events, group excursions, world youth day planning, and the filling of youth roles (office bearers).

MW suggested that the personal approach targeting specific potential youth leaders would help a successful outcome.

d. Media
GS advised that the Chronicle, C91.3 and MCR-FM had all run promotional community items for the WYD stall at St John's fete. Samples of media releases for the Youth Group meeting were circulated.

e. Home Stay
MW and PW will attend a training session at the Polding Centre in Sydney on Thursday week. A number of forms have been distributed and information from the WYD Homestay manual.

5. Upcoming Events

a. Macarthur Youthfest - 27th October
This is to be run on Saturday 27th October (clarified, not 17th) by the Wollongong Diocese as part of the WYD lead-up. The parish hall has been booked for this on the 27th. GS to contact Christie Honeysett to confirm details.

b. Fishers Ghost Parade Saturday 3rd November and Street Fair Saturday 10th November
It was agreed that we should walk behind the banner(s) and hand out material rather than have a float. Groups in other Campbelltown parishes will be asked to walk with us in the parade. It was suggested that we could carry a cross in the parade. CB to make enquiries about how to book for the parade and street fair.

c. Journey of the Cross in Campbelltown - Wednesday 26th March
MH advised that he attended a planning meeting at the Catholic Club. UWS did not seem interested in hosting the cross on the day. St John's Parish will be responsible for hosting the cross from the Arts Centre to St John's and overnight. This will require fit people to carry the cross from the arts centre, a group (several strong people needed) to erect the cross in its stand for the evening and to unmount it again in the morning, and people to partake in an all-night vigil. Possibly also a mass in the evening, morning, or both. Some ideas from Broken Bay were circulated.

d. WYD08 week - Monday 14th July to Sunday 20 July
It was noted that some youth expressed an interest in sleeping out at Randwick during the week.

6. Positions Vacant
a. Treasurer - CB volunteered to take on the role of Treasurer
b. Transport co-ordinator - Still vacant

7. Other Business
a. MW moved a vote of thanks to all who helped at the Fete

8. Closing Prayer

Next Meeting Sunday 7th October 6pm

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WYD 2008

world youth day sydney 2008
campbelltown team news

Only 301 days to go before WYD08

st john's school fete wyd stall - Please help out at the WYD stall. Contact Carolyn at
campbelltown team meeting - You are invited to join the Campbelltown WYD08 team this Sunday at 6pm, right after 5pm mass. Join in the Youth Group, Promotions, and Home Stay teams.

team shirts and caps - Campbelltown WYD team shirts and caps are on the way.  Shirt and cap pack only $40 in sizes XXL, XL, L and M. Please send your order to Sean Donovan at

Upcoming events:
* Saturday 22 September - St John's Fete
* Wednesday 17th October - Youth Event Macarthur
* Saturday 3 November - Festival of Fisher's Ghost Street Parade
* Saturday 10 November - Festival of Fisher's Ghost Street Fair

Check out the web sites at

Thursday, September 13, 2007

St Peter’s Anglican Church, at our 5th Annual Ecumenical Service on 16th September 2007 at 7.00 pm

Dear Friends,

Here is your invitation to make great use of your next Sunday Night.

The Anglican Church of Campbelltown is hosting a prayer Service from 7 pm this Sunday (16th September)

You are encouraged to attend. Attached is their official invitation.

Brought to you by F ai t h WorX


An Invitation To You.

An invitation is extended to you to join the Congregation of St Peter's Anglican Church, at our 5th Annual Ecumenical Service on 16th September 2007 at 7.00 pm.

 It will be a time of worship and Prayer for unity between Catholics and Anglicans,

but all denominations are welcome.

Our guest preacher will be the Catholic Bishop of Wollongong "Bishop Peter Ingham".

Fifty members from "The Macarthur Singers" will be leading us in worship and the whole service will be recorded.

Other guests will include the Poor Clare Nuns and the Lutheran Evangelical Sisters of Mary.

Please join us in this wonderful celebration. Supper will be provided afterwards.

The Service will be:-






The BOOK of





Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Notes from WYD08 Meeting

Notes from WYD08 Meeting
Sunday 9th September 2007 at 6pm
St John's Parish Hall Meeting Room
Next Meeting Date: Sunday 23rd September at 6pm
1. Receive the Power Anthem
2. Brother John reprised the timetable and activities for WYD08
3. Group split into three teams
a. Youth Group
b. Home Stay
c. Promotion
Notes of Promotion Meeting
c1. Prohibited Employment Declaration forms distributed for completion to Br John before the next meeting.
c2. Four people from Campbelltown attended the youth leadership training day on Saturday 8th September. The morning was spent discussing the duty of care requirements for youth groups. Afternoon covered public testimony skills.
c3. Upcoming Events
*** 22nd September Saturday - St John's Fete
Carolyn Baragry advised that a stall has been booked for the Fete. Materials and volunteers now required. Please contact Carolyn at
*** 17th October Wednesday - Youth Event Macarthur
Probably to be held in the St John's Hall. Details to be finalised.
*** 3rd November Saturday - Fisher's Ghost Street Parade
*** 10th November Saturday - Fisher's Ghost Street Fair
Carolyn Baragry to investigate how we can register for these events. Call for anyone who has a truck that would be available as a float for the Street Parade.
*** 26th March 2008 Wednesday - Journey of the Cross
*** April 2008 - Campbelltown Show
c4. Campbelltown WYD Banner
Kerry McDonald will follow up with her brother-in-law.
c5. Use of Logo
Sean Donovan advised that we have approval to use the logo for promotional events and correspondence. There are restrictions on the use of the logo with any other corporate or sponsorship logo's. A file has been provided by WYD of the official logo.
c6. Fundraising
Sean Donovan advised that the fundraising code has been obtained. However, much of the merchandise at the WYD shop is not available when using this code. A printout of available fundraising items was provided by Brother John. The team selected items to be purchased (hopefully to be delivered in time for the Fete) by Brother John.
c7. T-Shirts
Sean Donovan advised that no discount is available on the WYD shirts selected at the previous meeting. It will therefore be cheaper to have our own shirts made. Sean will organise these. If anyone knows a local Catholic supplier please let Sean know, otherwise he will use his usual supplier in Botany.
c8. Draft promotional letters
A list of local groups and media for promotion was provided by Greg Simoni. It was suggested that Brother John may be able to provide a longer list of local Christian and Catholic contacts.
Greg also provided sample media releases. Some improvements were suggested and passed on to Greg.
4. The full meeting reconvened with closing comments and prayer.
Next Meeting Date: Sunday 23rd September at 6pm

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

WYD 2008

world youth day sydney 2008
campbelltown team meeting

You are invited to join the Campbelltown WYD08 team this Sunday at 6pm, right after 5pm mass.

There are only 314 days to go before WYD08 in Sydney. Be a part of this global event of praise and worship. Use your talents for God! Youth and adults are welcome to participate.

Upcoming events:
* 8th September Saturday - Youth Leadership Training at Bellambi - Contact Christy Honeysett for further information on
* 22nd September Saturday - St John's Fete
* Saturday 3 November - Festival of Fisher's Ghost Street Parade
* Saturday 10 November - Festival of Fisher's Ghost Street Fair

Check out the web sites at

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Parish Bulletin 2 September 2007

MONDAY 9:30am Mass – St. Gregory the Great
WEDNESDAY Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion at 9:30am
THURSDAY Liturgy of the Word & Holy Communion at 9:30am
FRIDAY 8:30am Mass
SATURDAY 8:00am Mass – Birth of the Virgin Mary

SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Saturday 11:30am –12:30pm
5:00pm – 5:30pm

Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
VIGIL Saturday 6:00pm
SUNDAY Masses at 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am & 5:00pm

CHILDREN’S LITURGY: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays at 9:00am Mass

FRS. MICHAEL & GEORGE will be on ANNUAL CLERGY RETREAT from Monday to Friday this week. Please refer ALL Parish matters to the Parish Office between 9am & 3:30pm on 4625 8044


Faith WorX will examine the Church in China this week. Sean Donovan, who recently spent a few weeks there, will present a paper on his findings. Come and hear the latest about this ‘Sleeping Dragon’ THIS Sunday 6:30 pm in the Hall.

A YOUTH GROUP is being set up in the Parish. A Meeting for Youth and Adults wishing to support the youth met today at 3 pm in the Parish Hall. Bring your friends to the OPENING MEETING on October 21st at 6.00 pm. Ring the Presbytery for if you can help prepare.

STEWARDSHIP cannot happen unless we care. What do you CARE about? If it doesn’t involve God, it won’t last very long! Bring your CARE to God this week. Eternity awaits…….

DIOCESAN LAUNCH OF WORLD MISSION MONTH: Theme “All the Churches for All the World”. An invitation is extended to Launch with Bishop Peter Ingham DD & Dr. Philip Gibbs svd, priest-theologian, film-maker & missionary, at 2pm Sunday 9 Sept at Campbelltown Catholic Club. Fr. Gibbs will show his documentary on HIV/aids in PNG “Mist in the Mountains”. Afternoon tea will be provided, RSVP Campbelltown Catholic Club on 4625 0000.

NEO-CATECHUMENAL WAY The talks are continuing in the Parish Hall on Monday & Thursday nights at 7:30pm. We invite you to come and listen and to have a concrete meeting with Jesus Christ. If you have any transport or babysitting needs then phone Mario/Margaret 4626 1423.

INVITATION to join a Diocesan Choir, any parishioner who would like to join a Diocesan choir for the Orchestral Mass at Bowral on 30 Sept. (Part of Tulip Festival) is invited to do so. Rehearsals will be conducted by Mr. Geoff Harvey, at Camden on Thursdays 13, 20, 27 Sept. at 7:30pm. RSVP Church Offices 4253 0900 by THIS Monday 3 September, 2007.

FRENCH SPEAKING MASS to celebrate the feast of Blessed Fr. Jacques Desiree Laval on Sunday 9 Sept at St. Therese’s Church 15 Garong Road, Lakemba at 3.00pm. Fr. Jan Chrzczonowicz will concelebrate the Mass.

INDONESIAN SPEAKING MASS at Mary, Mother of the Church, Macquarie Fields Sunday 9 Sept. at 5pm. Please bring puki syukur

ST. JOHN SCHOOL FETE SATURDAY 22 SEPTEMBER: The Fete committee advise that they are holding donation days for White Elephant, preloved toys, books/cds, craft items and plants etc. every SUNDAY until 9 Sept. from 10:30am – 12noon. Donations can be dropped off at the P & F shed behind the Presbytery (access via bottom car park) OR left at the School Office.

OFFICE OF DISABILITY The Good News Community is calling for interested volunteers to join us once a month (usually the first Saturday of the month 1pm-5pm) for social activities and/or outings such as ten pin bowling, golf driving range, Fisher’s Ghost Parade. For more details contact Sr. Jeanie Heininger sgs 0405 158 763 or email

ROSTER: The roster of those able to help with DATA PROJECTION AT MASS is needing more volunteers. Thorough training is provided. Experience with power point is NOT essential, a monthly commitment is… Contact Bro. John if you can help.

THANKS TO THE CATHOLIC DEVELOPMENT FUND which recently assisted our Parish with the reimbursement of $3,000 to cover the cost of our recent parish computer update. The CDF is a financial ministry the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Wollongong and parishioners are asked to consider opening a savings or term deposit account with the Fund. Choosing the CDF, rather than a profit-oriented commercial organisation, provides an opportunity for a conscious commitment to support the many pastoral works of the Church. For further details call Trevor Kellam, Business Development Manager on 1800 047 703 or view details on the website