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John 13:34

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John 13:34

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


1ST SEPTEMBER, 1822 the First Mass was celebrated in Campbelltown. It was to have been held on “The Green” Mawson Park; but with rain coming on, it was held in the unfinished Anglican Church of St. Peter.
12th DECEMBER, 1824 The Foundation Stone of the Church of St. John the Evangelist was laid.
16th JUNE, 1825 in the Sydney Gazette Fr. J.J. Therry acknowledged James Bourke’s gift of 5 acres of land, as a site for a Chapel, Schoolhouse and a Burial Ground.
27th DECEMBER, 1826 St. John’s Cemetery was consecrated.
27th JULY, 1834 According to an entry in Fr. Therry’s Diary, Mass was offered for the first time in the new chapel.
19th JULY, 1835 From this date Mass was said on a regular basis, in the weatherproofed chapel.
20th SEPTEMBER, 1835 Sunday Fr. Therry commenced duty as Parish Priest of Campbelltown. (which included Illawarra & Argyle, an area which extended beyond Yass). There were 310 Catholics in Campbelltown.
5th SEPTEMBER, 1837 James Ruse died and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Campbelltown
31st AUGUST, 1841 The Church of St. John the Evangelist was opened by with a Solemn High Mass by Rev. Fr. Murphy, Vicar General; assisted by Deans Kenny & Grant. Frs. Goold, Sumner, Slattery, Moran, Fitzpatrick, Dunphy, Nagennis & Hogan. A eloquent sermon was delivered on the attributes of the Saint after whom the church has been name
21st JULY, 1856 Lots 2, 19 & 20 Crown lands (fronting Sturt Street) were granted to the Trustees of St. John’s Church, Campbelltown
12th OCTOBER, 1856 St. John’s Church, Campbelltown was desecrated. The “emblem of sacrifice” destroyed and thrown into the Reservoir.
14th JUNE, 1886 The Foundation stone of St. John’s Church, at the corner of Cordeaux & Lindesay Streets was laid by Cardinal Moran.
13th DECEMBER, 1886 The “new” Church of St. John’s was privately opened and blessed by Fr. J. Dunne.
22nd MAY, 1887 The new church at Campbelltown was officially opened by Cardinal Moran.
The Aehlar walls of “Old St. John’s” were rendered to make them weatherproof and the convent was blessed and opened by Cardinal Moran
1888 “Old St. John’s” became St. Patrick’s Convent.
22nd MAY, 1951 The Catholic Cemetery at Campbelltown was classified by the National Trust.
15th MARCH, 1964 new Porches, transcepts and stained glass added to St. John’s Church, were opened and blessed by Bishop Thomas McCabe
31st OCTOBER, 1982 The Rosary was recited at 12 noon, in St. John’s Cemetery, for all the Holy Souls
13th NOVEMBER, 1983 The Fellowship of the First Fleeters,unveiled a plaque on the tombstone of James Ruse, at 2pm.
27th JULY, 1984 The 150th Anniversary of the First Eucharist celebrated in "Old St. John’s" Archbishop Luigi Barboulo, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio, Principal Celebrant
29th JULY, 1984 Open-Air Mass Concelebrated at “Old St. John’s Church”, following a procession from St. John’s Church in Cordeaux Street. Bishop Murray, Archbishop Clancy, Frs. P. Ryan, P. Confeggi followed by a family Day in St. John’s Hall.

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